The Colgate Comedy Hour

Season 5 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Dec 19, 1954 on NBC

Episode Recap

The show opens with Dean and Jerry backstage using Colgate Toothpaste, Palmolive soap, Fab detergent and Ajax cleanser as the announcer plugs the sponsor's products. The opening number is also set backstage with dancers joining Dean and Jerry on "Lose that Long Face". Dean runs a bus station diner when a hungry Jerry comes barging in. Dean hires him as a waiter, which is a bad idea. When a bus arrives, Jerry stretches long spaghetti across everyone's plate and cuts between them with a meat cleaver. The bus quickly departs, leaving Dean with unpaid tabs. When the next bus pulls in, Jerry uses a rope to tie the bus down, attaching it to the bar stools. When the bus leaves, it pulls the customers and counter with it. Jerry plugs their new Paramount pic Three Ring Circus and introduces Dean singing "Without a Word of Warning", performed in a front yard setting. Jerry announces that their guest star Phil Abrams is here and they will introduce him soon. But first, their "fabulous production number...Swing Alley" with Gretchen House and Dick Humphries. At the Happy Haven for Children orphanage, Mr. and Mrs. Martin (Dean and Vera) arrive to adopt a boy. They chose 29-year-old Orville (Jerry). At the Martins' house Jerry ends up dragging Dean across the floor and knocking him out of his chair. Dean wants to send him back but Vera asks him to first read the book Orville brought for him; it's the sappy poem, "What Is a Boy?". Touched, Dean reconsiders. Jerry comes out in front of the curtain and says this is when he usually does his speciality act, but the writers didn't come up with anything. So, Jerry sits in a folding chair and squirms for three minutes. In front of the band, Dean performs "Mambo Italiano". Jerry and Dean are excited to present their special guest Phil Abrams. Jack Benny strolls out...and just stands there. Finally, he says, "Hmmmmm," and walks off. Dean says Phil flew in from Ohio just for that! M&L perform a song and dance routine to "Every Street's a Boulevard". They plug their upcoming gig at the Sands Hotel in Vegas and bring back Jack Benny for a bow. (Jack says its the best work he's ever done in television.) They reprise "Boulevard" and then the credits roll. Announcer Putman wishes everyone a happy holiday.