The Colgate Comedy Hour - Season 1

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • 6/24/1951
    Episode 42
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this first season closer. Their guests include: singer Janis Paige; comic and show writer Danny Arnold; The Johnny Conrad Dancers; cameos by Tony Martin and Joe Louis; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Music includes Paige doing "Those Old Phonograph Records".
  • 6/17/1951
    Episode 41
    Eddie Cantor is the host and welcomes guests including: "Mr. Television" Milton Berle; comics Jack E. Leonard and Phil Foster, bombshell Dagmar; Junie Keegan; and Ida Cantor. Also, appearances by Cantor's daughter Marilyn and Berle's daughter Vicki. Cantor performs another "Maxi the Taxi" comedy sketch with Foster. Also, there's a musical salute to songwriter Irving Berlin.moreless
  • 6/10/1951
    Episode 40
    Jackie Gleason, starring on DuMont's Cavalcade of Stars, hosts this episode sponsored by Frigidaire. His guests include: comedian Fred Allen; dancers Harold Lang and Helen Gallagher; actor John Carroll; and actress Vivian Blaine.
  • 6/3/1951
    Episode 39
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this week's episode. Their guests include: The DeMarco Sisters; comedian/singer Sonny King; actor Tommy Farrell; comic actor and Colgate writer Danny Arnold; The Johnny Conrad Dancers; cameo by Tony Curtis; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
    Dean's songs include "Isle of Capri" and "Too Young" The DeMarco Sisters perform "I'm Late".moreless
  • 5/27/1951
    Episode 38
    Eddie Cantor hosts this week's show. His guests include: a teen-aged Joel Grey; big band vocalist Connie Haines; Charlie Cantor; Herbert Coleman; Monsieur Crayone; TV actor Joe Silver; Lou Wills Jr.; and a cameo from active Army member Eddie Fisher. Cantor performs another "Maxi the Taxi" sketch.
  • 5/20/1951
    Episode 37
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this week's show. Their guests include: singer Jane Morgan; the dance team of Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles; a cameo by Eddie Cantor; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
    In sketches, Jerry is a hospital orderly who's a danger to the patients and Dr. Martin. As a new valet, Jerry serves at a dinner Dean's having for his fiance and her parents. Spastic Jerry spills the food on the floor and destroys the turkey while trying to carve it.moreless
  • 5/13/1951
    Episode 36
    Beatrice Lillie hosts this episode sponsored by Frigidaire. Her guests include: singer Dick Haymes; comic actor Wally Cox; actor Victor Moore; singer/actor Harold Lang; and Broadway star Helen Gallagher. Music includes "Without a Song" and "Bye Bye Blackbird" from Haymes.
  • 5/6/1951
    Episode 35
    Phil Silvers hosts this week's edition. His guest list includes: Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis; singer Vivian Blaine; comic Joey Faye; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Blaine and Silvers duet on "When You And I Were Young Maggie Blues", and so she does "What Is This Thing Called Love?"
  • 4/29/1951
    Episode 34
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this telecast from Chicago. Their guests include: singer Helen O'Connell; dance team Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles; Ladd Lyon; announcer Mike Wallace; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
    Jerry is Dean's unruly caddy on the golf course, and an extremely loud patron returning books to Dean's library. Jerry performs his single "Never Been Kissed."moreless
  • 4/22/1951
    Episode 33
    Eddie Cantor hosts this weeks show. His guests include: actress Anne Jeffreys; Robert Gari; Charlie Cantor; dancers Gehrig and Weismuller, Hal Loman and Joan Fields.
    Cantor performs a "Maxi the Taxi" sketch, and joins Jeffreys for a comic bit from Taming of the Shrew.
  • 4/15/1951
    Episode 32
    Tony Martin hosts this installment. His guests include: comedian Fred Allen; actress Celeste Holm; ballet star Kathryn Lee; jazz clarinetist Peanuts Hucko; Broadway performer Joe Silver; character actor Richard Loo; actress Lynn Loring; comedians Art & Mort Havel; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Martin's songs include "If", "You", and "For Every Man There's a Woman". In comedy, Fred Allen portrays Chinese detective One Long Pan.moreless
  • 4/8/1951
    Episode 31
    Bob Hope hosts this star-studded episode, sposored by Frigidaire. His guests include: Rex Harrison; Lilli Palmer; Arthur Treacher; Janis Paige; and Frank Robinson. The show's finale was celebrities stopping by to wish Hope good luck on his upcoming gig in London. Watch for Frank Sinatra, Eddie Cantor, Ed Wynn, Sid Caesar, Imogene Coca, Tex and Jinx McCrary, Ken Murray, Jimmy Durante, Faye Emerson, and Toots Shor.moreless
  • 4/1/1951
    Episode 30

    Eddie Cantor is back as host as he spotlights new talent. His celebrity guests include singers Eddie Fisher (days before joining the Army) and Marion Colby. New performers:opera singer Evelyn Gould; a very young singer/dancer Joel Grey; actor and vocalist William Warfield; comics who lip sync to records Tony and Eddie; French classical violinistMiche'le Auclair; dancers (Phyllis) Gehrig and (Don) Weismuller.

  • 3/25/1951
    Episode 29
    Eddie Cantor hosts and welcomes guests: Jimmy Durante; Durante's long-time vaudeville partner Eddie Jackson; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Cantor makes reference to this being his 41st year in show business. This episode is basically a shortened version of his 2-hour Carnegie Hall show "My 40 Years in Show Business". This episode includes a salute to the USO with a filmed appearance by Secretary of Defense George Marshall.moreless
  • 3/18/1951
    Episode 28
    Comic actress Beatrice Lillie hosts this installment sponsored by Frigidaire. Her guests include: Rex Harrison; singer Jean Sablon; actress/dancer Valerie Bettis; comic actor Wally Cox; and actor Nelson Case.
    In one sketch, Lillie is a talkative audience member at a performance of Harrison's Hamlet. When others try to get her to quiet down, she calls them a Communist. In another, she plays an unruly maid who talks herself out of a job and into another. Another sketch was a take off on the Russian Art Museum. Lillie attempts to do a pitch for the Red Cross at the close of the show but is almost instantly cut off due to time.moreless
  • 3/11/1951
    Episode 27
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello return as hosts for this episode. Their guests include: actor Lon Chaney, Jr., opera star Jarmilla Novotna; comic actors Sid Fields and Milton Frome; Gregg Sherwood; dancers Jesse, James and Carnell; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    Abbott and Costello perform their c "Who's On First" routine. The boys also appear in two sketches with Lon Chaney, Jr. in the famous Universal Frankenstein monster makeup: one is set in a haunted house, the second in a comic opera Don Juan Costello.moreless
  • 3/4/1951
    Episode 26
    Singer Tony Martin hosts. His guests include: Milton "Uncle Miltie" Berle, The Andrews Sisters; and trumpeter/actor Leonard Sues. Martin performs several songs in this episode: "Louise", "Lullaby of Broadway", "La Vie en Rose", and "There's No Tomorrow". The Andrews Sisters do a medley of their hits, wrapping with "I Can Dream, Can't I?" They also sing "Girls of the Golden West". Patty and Tony duet on "The Dum Dot Song." They also participate in a comedy bit about three female soldiers.moreless
  • 2/25/1951
    Episode 25
    Eddie Cantor is back as host, with guests: singer Lena Horne; actor Jack Albertson; Charlie Cantor; the Bil and Cora Baird Marionettes, dance team Landre and Verna; actor Phil Kramer; actress Marcia Walter; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Eddie does another "Maxi the Taxi" sketch, and appears in drag with Charlie Cantor as housewives. Miss Horne performs the songs "Deed I Do" and "Where or When".moreless
  • 2/18/1951-Would-Be Gentleman

    Bobby Clark makes his final appearance as host in this episode based on the 1946 Broadway show Would-Be Gentleman in which he appeared. The cast includes Basil Rathbone, Sarah Churchill, Fran Warren, Walter Abel, Mary Boland, Danny Scholl, and Nelson Case.

  • 2/11/1951
    Episode 23
    Spike Jones makes his television debut in this program broadcast from Chicago. Singer Gale Robbins and acrobats Wayne Marlin Trio are the guests. The City Slickers include Laverne Pearson, Doodles Weaver, trumpeter George Rock, Sir Fredrick Gas, banjo player Freddy Morgan, guitarist Dick Morgan, juggler Bill King, dancer Lois Ray, drummer Joe Siracusa and violinist Dick Gardner.
    Robbins is greeted by the song "I Love Gale Robbins". Bits include a take-off on "Be My Love". George Rock fronts the song "All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth". Sir Frederic Gas does "Chloe" and "My Heart Cries For You". Spike and "Slickers" rip through their classic versions of "Glow Worm", "The Poet and Peasant Overture" (Spike conducts with a toilet plunger), "Holiday for Strings" and "Cocktails for Two".moreless
  • 2/4/1951
    Episode 22
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis welcome guests actress Polly Bergen, the dance team of Bob Fosse and Mary Ann Niles, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Sketches include Jerry as a pesky attendant at a drive-in theater, and the boys staying at a fleabag hotel.
  • 1/28/1951
    Episode 21
    Eddie Cantor returns to host. His guests include tap dancer Estelle Sloan, Dave Powell, baritone Lee Fairfax, actor Joe Marks, and Basil O'Connor of the March of Dimes. Cantor does and song and dance to "Man of the Year" and appears in a series of gags about psychiatrists. The closing production is a salute to the Ziegfeld Follies featuring impressions of Will Rogers and W. C. Fields.moreless
  • 1/21/1951
    Episode 20
    Vaudeville and film comedian Bobby Clark hosts this episode sponsored by Frigidaire. Clark's guests include: singer Julie Wilson; slapstick comedians Willie, West and McGinty; dancers Bobby Lane and Claire; acrobats The Maxwells; Jack Mann; Dick Dana; Miriam Wakefield; and Tom Jones and his Orchestra.
  • 1/14/1951
    Episode 19

    Jerry Lester, then starring on NBC's first late night series Broadway Open House, made his only appearance as host. He brought with him his series regulars Dagmar, David Street, The Mello-Larks, Milton DeLugg, and Wayne Howell. Guests include Fred Allen, Joan Bennett, Kukla, Fran & Ollie, and actor Pat O'Brien. Lester does a sendup of radio giveaway programs, and he joins Allen in one of Dagmar's "plays."

  • 1/7/1951
    Episode 18

    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello make their television debut hosting this episode. The boys' guests include: singer Evelyn Knight; actor/dancer Hal Le Roy; specialty act Paul Remos and his Toy Boys (dwarves in suitcases); Jimmy Ford Four; comedians Art and Mort Havel; Patricia Shea; Valerie de Cadenet; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    The boys do their "Hot dog and Mustard" routine. Hal Leroy daces as a sailor in the number "Liberty Pass." At a carnival midway, Abbott fleeces Costello in their "Shell Game" routine. The Jimmy Ford Four, a lip sync comedy ,does "Cocktails for Two." Lou checks into Dr. Abbott's sanitarium for some rest; instead he's driven insane by a parade of lunatics.

  • 12/31/1950
    Episode 17
    Host Eddie Cantor celebrates New Year's Eve with his guests comedians Danny Thomas and Ed Wynn; and Broadway composer Sigmund Romberg.
  • 12/24/1950
    Episode 16
    Bob Hope hosts this Christmas episode sponsored by Frigidaire. His guests include: opera star Lily Pons; Elanor Roosevelt; Bob Cummings; harpist Robert Maxwell; New York Mayor Vincent Impellitteri; dancer Betty Bruce; and the Choir of the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine. In bits: Bob and Robert are department store Santas comparing horror stories on the subway; Lily, Rob and Robert sing about an odd gift under the tree, based on the novelty tune "The Thing"; Mrs. Roosevelt delivers a speech about peace and the American way; Lily performs the "Bell Song" from Lakme; the Choir performs two songs.moreless
  • 12/17/1950
    Episode 15

    Fred Allen makes his final appearance as host. His guests include comic Doc Rockwell, opera singer Eileen Farrell, The Christianis acrobat act, and from Allen's radio show Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, Peter Donald, and Parker Fennelly. Music is provided by Al Goodman and his orchestra. Eileen Farrell performs a song from "Madame Butterfly". One sketch portrays a murder trail set in the backwater of Maine. Another has Fred as Santa refusing to make his yearly rounds. Also, a skit about a nine-year-old who's gotten everything he knows from television.

  • 12/10/1950 - Tickets, Please!
    Comic dancers Paul and Grace (The Hartmans) star in this adaptation of their just-ended Broadway review, Tickets, Please! Joining them are cast members from the show: Jack Albertson, Tommy Wonder, Dorothy Jarnac, Patricia Bright, Bill Norvas, Mildred Hughes, Warde Donovan, The Upstarts.
  • 12/3/1950
    Episode 13

    Eddie Cantor hosts and welcomes guests jazz pianist Joe Bushkin, actor Jack Albertson, young Dick Van Patten, actress Connie Sawyer, acrobats The Armandis, teen singer June Keegan, and comic dancers Les Zoris (Robert Gross and Claudine Baudin). Cantor performs another "Maxi the Taxi" sketch with Albertson and van Patten. He's joined by pianist Bushkin for "Ballin' the Jack" and "Dust Off That Old Piano." Cantor and Sawyer play a nearsighted couple stumbling hopelessly around in a sketch. The finale, based on "Babes in Toyland," features the Armandis as clowns and Keegan singing a yuletide song.

  • 11/26/1950
    Episode 12

    A nervous-looking Bob Hope makes his debut as host in this Frigidaire-sponsored episode. His guests include are Marilyn Maxwell, country singer Jimmy Wakely, vocalists The Taylor Maids, dance troupe The High Hatters, dancer Judy Kelly, Nelson Case, and Les Brown and his Band of Renown. This show is performed before an all-military audience.
    Hope launches the show with his usual topical monologue. In comedy sketches, Hope plays a show-off test pilot. He and Maxwell, as Mata Hari, perform a skit about spying, featuring Hitler and Stalin doubles. The two later duet on "Darn It, Baby, That's Love." The High Hatters perform a tap routine to "Me and My Shadow". Wakely performs "Lonesome Train" and a duet with Hope on "Tumbling Tumbleweeds." Taylor Maids sing "Orange Colored Sky." Les Brown's band plays "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm."

  • 11/19/1950
    Episode 11
    Fred Allen hosts with guests humorist/author H. Allen Smith; Tony award winning actress Sheila Bond; and Broadway performer Billy Tabbert.
  • 11/12/1950
    Episode 10

    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis return with guests singer/actress Kitty Kallen, future Jackie Gleason Show co-star Joyce Randoph, comic dancers Leonard Barr and Virginia Estes (as Barr and Estes), comic actor Sammy Petrillo, the ballroom dance team of De May and Moore, singers The Skylarks, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
    In one sketch about babysitting, Joyce Randolph plays the mom, Jerry the dad, and Sammy Petrillo, a Jerry Lewis look/sound alike, the baby. Another skit involves a dancing school. In songs, Kitty Kallen sings "Please Take Me Home" and "I Can't Give You Anything But Love."

  • 11/5/1950
    Episode 9

    Eddie Cantor hosts and is joined by his wife, Ida Cantor, actor Robert Gari, comedian Charlie Cantor (no relation), dancers Fred and Sledge, Leslie Scott, Bil and Cora Baird's Marionettes, show's choreographer Dick Barstow (filling in for an injured dancer) and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Cantor picks up another passenger as he plays taxi driver Maxie. Eddie and Charlie are in drag as a couple of housewives at a laundromat. Scott sings "Basin Street Blues" with dancing by Fred and Sledge. Gari portrays the recently deceased Al Jolson by singing "Swanee" in a tribute to the performer.

  • 10/29/1950
    Episode 8

    Vaudeville and film comedian Bobby Clark hosts this "Micheal Todd's Revue" sponsored by Frigidaire. Clark welcomes baseball announcer Mel Allen, singer/actress Frances Langford, tennis player Gussie Moran, Argentinian jugglers Atilio and Hector (Peiro Brothers), and comedy act The Albins. Clark performs a comedy rendition of the poem "The Shooting of Dan McGrew." Clark plays judge in a courtroom sketch with Moran complaining someone had stolen her lacy underwear. His attempt to rest in a hospital room is thwarted by a parade of crazy characters.

  • 10/22/1950
    Episode 7

    Fred Allen hosts and welcomes guests Broadway actress/singer Ella Logan, dancers Anthony, Allyn and Hodges, comedians Mort and Art Havel, and from Allen's radio program comedian (and Allen's wife) Portland Hoffa, Parker Fennelly and Peter Donald. Logan sings "Sunny Side of the Street." The big production number is a take-off on "Brigadoon". Parker Fennelley plays his radio character Titus Moody in a sketch.

  • 10/15/1950
    Episode 6
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis return as hosts. Their guests include pop-singing star Kitty Kallen; The Skylarks; the mayor of Dean's hometown, Walter Sterling of Steubenville, OH; the mayor of Jerry's hometown, Ralph Villani of Newark, NJ; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra .
    In sketches, Dean and Jerry play gangsters, and Jerry shows up at Dean's gym to try and build muscles. Lewis conducts the orchestra while Martin attempts to perform "Oh Marie" and completely destroys the number.moreless
  • 10/8/1950
    Episode 5
    Eddie Cantor returns as host with Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Cantor does a sketch with his character "Maxi the Taxi", and performs "Dinah" in a production number.
  • 10/1/1950
    Episode 4

    In this episode sponsored by Frigidaire, Bobby Clark makes his debut as host. His guests include actress Joan Blondell and Broadway composer Sigmund Romberg.  In sketches, Clark entertains stuffy matrons at a Boston tea party, and a judge with a pea shooter.  Romberg does a medley of songs he wrote.

  • 9/24/1950
    Episode 3

    Fred Allen makes his hosting debut. His guests include actors Monte Woolley and Peter Donald, Risë Stevens from the Metropolitan Opera, ballet stars Sono Osato, Hugh Laing and Zachary Solov, Tony Award winner David Burns, Fred Allen's radio co-horts Kenny Delmar, Minerva Pious, Parker Fennelly, (in a puppet show interpretation of "Allen's Alley" from radio), with Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Rise Stevens joins with Allen and others for a "Middletown U.S.A." version of "Carmen." Burns plays Allen's pre-tester of material. Wooley and Allen do a department store sketch.

  • 9/17/1950
    Episode 2
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis make their debut as rotating hosts on this episode. They are joined by blonde bombshell Marilyn Maxwell, comic dancers Barr and Estes, J.C.McCord, Frank Gallop, Jean Carsons, William McCutheon, vocal group The Honeydreamers, and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
  • 9/10/1950
    Episode 1
    Eddie Cantor hosts the premiere episode of the series, joined by actor/dancer Tommy Wonder, opera soprano Yma Sumac, dancer Danny Daniels, Helen Wood, Janet Gaylord, Charlotte Fayne, Lou Wills, Jr, and Rudy Tone, Yiddish theatre star Joseph Buloff, Lew Hearn, Robert Gari, Jack Albertson, the ballet team of Val Buttingnol and Joy Williams, and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. The program was promoted in the NY Times as "a nostalgic review recalling the halcyon days of the New Amsterdam theater at Broadway and 42nd Street".moreless