The Colgate Comedy Hour - Season 2

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • 6/15/1952
    Episode 42
    Bob Hope hosts this installment from the Douglas Aircraft plant in Santa Monica, CA. Bob's guests include: singer June Hutton; Paul Douglas; dancer Johnny Mack; Bess Myerson and Randy Merriman (from TV's The Big Payoff); and Les Brown and his Band of Renown.
  • 6/8/1952
    Episode 41
    Eddie Cantor returns to host. His guests include: Danny Thomas; singer Kay Starr; comic actor Harry Von Zell; Army stand-up comedians Tom D'Andrea and Hal March; character actor Pat O'Brien; Eddie's wife Ida Cantor; Johnny Dugan; child dancer Sharon Baird; and songwriters Jay Livingston, Nacio Herb Brown, Harry Akst, Harry Ruby, and Jimmy McHugh.moreless
  • 6/1/1952
    Episode 40
    Herb Shriner hosts this week's show. His guests include: Guests: Metropolitan Opera star Lily Pons; and The Borrah Minevitch Harmonica Rascals. In music, Ponds performs "Bell Song" from Lakme.
  • 5/25/1952
    Episode 39
    Actor/comedian Ben Blue makes his debut as host on this episode. Blue's guests include: actress Ann Sheridan; singer Peggy Lee; tap dancers The Step Brothers; singers The Whipporwills; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Blue opens the show by welcoming the audience to his first starring TV program. Miss Lee performs "The Lady Is a Tramp" and "Where or When". Sketches include Blue and Sheridan getting all dressed up for the opera--just to watch it on television. Blue performs a ballet parody.moreless
  • 5/18/1952
    Episode 38
    Eddie Cantor hosts this episode. This is another of the series' Hollywood shows where the audience is made up of military service people. Guests include: actor Cesar Romero, dancers The Szonys; and country singer Rusty Draper. Cantor sings a medley of oldies including "'S Wonderful", "Ain't She Sweet" and "Singin' in the Rain". Draper performs "Just Because".moreless
  • 5/11/1952
    Episode 37
    Donald O'Connor is the host, with guests including: glamorous Hedy Lamarr; Tony Dexter; singer Martha Tilton; comic actor Sid Miller; Scatman Crothers; comedy team Tom D'Andrea and Hal March; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. See recap.
  • 5/4/1952
    Episode 36
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host this week. Their guests include:
    Guests: ballet dancer and actress Vera Zorina; Broadway performer Tony Bavaar; The Ashtons; blonde beauty/actress Monique Van Vooren; "Sport" Morgan; Sid Fields; dancer Gemze de Lappe; A&C stalwarts Joe Kirk and Bobby Barber; Jean Cleveland, Charlie Bollinder; singers Three Beaus and a Peep; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Comedy includes A&C doing their Baccigalupe bit. Also, the boys visit France for a singing lesson.moreless
  • 4/27/1952
    Episode 35

    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are the hosts: Their guests include: singer Kitty Kallen; dancers The Four Step Brothers; Colgate writer/actor Danny Arnold; Harvey Wheelwick;announcer Hal Sawyer.
    Dean and Jerry disrupt a librarians' convention by talking loudly. Jerry tries to get a part in producer Dean's"Birdwheel Frolics of 1952" by joining a kids' singing act, a chorus line, and by playing Marlon Brando as The Continental. Dean and Kitty's duet of"Three Blind Mice" is ruined when Jerry joins in. The boys take a cruise ship that hits very, veryrough seas. The pair dances with the Step Brothers.

  • 4/20/1952
    Episode 34
    Donald O'Connor stars in this week's episode with guests including: Andy Devine; singer Mindy Carson; and comics Ben Blue and Sid Miller.
  • 4/13/1952
    Episode 33
    Eddie Cantor hosts this episode. His guests include: comic Joe E. Brown; musical film star Constance Moore; Dave Barry; child actress Sharon Baird; and the Los Gatos Trio. Barry joins Cantor for "Maxi the Taxi". Moore sings "Birth of the Blues". Though this show is from Hollywood, the El Capitan Theatre is filled with Army memebers from Camp Irwin.moreless
  • 4/6/1952
    Episode 32
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host this week. Their guests: actor Charles Laughton (their co-star from the forthcoming Abbott And Costello Meet Captain Kidd); A&C stalwarts Sid Fields, Joe Kirk, Milton Frome and Bobby Barber; actresses Jill Kraft, Helen Donaldson and Anita Anton; Alex Fossell; singers Three Beaus and a Peep; Isabel Bigley; Johnny Conrad and his Dancers; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.moreless
  • 3/30/1952
    Episode 31
    Tony Martin is this week's host. His guests include: both Chico and Harpo Marx; singer Kay Starr; St. Paul Choir; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Starr performs her huge hit "Wheel of Fortune". Martin does "Begin the Beguine", "It's Great To Be Alive" and "Ava Maria". The two duet on "I Cried for You". The two Marx Brothers horse around on a piano number, and Harpo does a harp solo.moreless
  • 3/23/1952
    Episode 30

    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are this week's hosts. Their guests include: Jerry's dad Danny Lewis; dancer Tommy Wonder and Margaret Banks; Colgate writer/performer Danny Arnold; actresses Gail Bonney, Evelyn Lovequist and Elizabeth Root; Peter Votrian; Harvey Dunn; Ruth Dazzo; Sarah Bacon; Linda Williams; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
    In comedy, Martin plays Leo Roacher, the nearsighted coach of New York Bruisers, with Lewis as the equally nearsighted Rookie of the Year. Window washer Jerry frightens away photographer Dean's models, so he's drafted to pose in a milk ad. They're assaulted by parents at a PTA meeting because their kids imitate Jerry and destroy things. In music, Dad Danny sings a song about his son, Jerry. Martin does "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder" and "You Made Me Love You" (to a photo of Lewis). Tommy Wonder and Margaret Banks perform "The Organ Grinder Song." Jerry sings the praises of the crew, but goes berserk on them at the first technical mistake.

  • 3/16/1952
    Episode 29
    Eddie Cantor hosts another military-themed program. This week's show is telecast from March Air Force Base in Riverside, CA. Cantor's guests include: The Will Mastin Trio (with Sammy Davis Jr.); Metropolitan opera star Dorothy Kirsten; child actress Sharon Baird; harpist Betsy Mills; Mabel Butterworth; and comic actor Harry Von Zell.
    Cantor sings "Rosie O'Grady." Betsy Mills performs "When Irish Eyes Arte Smiling." Cantor does a "Maxi the Taxi" sketch with Kirsten and she performs "All Alone" and an aria. Sammy Davis, Jr. does an impression of Cantor.moreless
  • 3/9/1952
    Episode 28
    Bob Hope hosts this episode telecast from Camp Elliott, located near San Diego California. His audience is Waves and female Marines. Bob's guests include: sexy actress Anna Maria Alberghetti; tap dancer Georgie Tapps; singer Martha Stewart; and Les Brown and his Band of Renown.
  • 3/2/1952
    Episode 27
    Donald O'Connor is the host and his guests include: comedy legend Buster Keaton; tough-guy actor Broderick Crawford; Sid Miller; Broadway performer Patricia Morison; twice Oscar-nominated actor Cecil Kellaway; and original Keystone Kop Eddie Gribbon. O'Connor and Miller team up for another songwriters sketch highlighting their impression skills and Keaton does his "Waiting at the Station" routine. In music, Patricia sings "Granada" and "So In Love". Kellaway does an Irish bit with O'Connor.moreless
  • 2/24/1952
    Episode 26
    Danny Thomas is this week's host. His guests include: Carmen Miranda, dancer Grace Hartman; from the then-current film Road to Bali child actress Bunny Lewbel; and The Beatrice Kraft Dancers.
  • 2/17/1952
    Episode 25
    Eddie Cantor hosts this show, telecast from the Long Beach, California Naval Station. His guests include: The Will Mastin Trio (with Sammy Davis Jr.); and stand-up comedian and paddle-ball expert Reggie Rymal. Sketches included another installment of Cantor's "Maxi the Taxi".
  • 2/10/1952
    Episode 24
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this week's show. Joining them are choreographer Ray Malone and his dancers; vocalist Jill Jarmon; Sheldon Leonard; Danny Arnold; Mike Mazurki; The Borden Twins; a cameo by show writer Norman Lear; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
  • 2/3/1952
    Episode 23
    Donald O'Connor is the host with guests including: singer Kay Starr; comic actors Ben Blue, Sid Miller, Frank Nelson, Scatman Crothers; actress Corinne Calvet; Gwen Carter; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    In comedy sketches, Blue has trouble cramming two people into a train berth, and Calvert gives O'Connor charm lessons.
    In the musical finale, Scatman Crothers and Donald discuss "the blues", leading into the production number "The Birth of the Blues." In the closing, O'Connor's is joined by his real daughter (5 1/2-years-old). She mops the sweat from her daddy's brow.moreless
  • 1/27/1952
    Episode 22
    All Star Revue star Danny Thomas pinch-hits as host for this episode. His guests include movie star Dorothy Lamour.
  • 1/20/1952
    Episode 21

    Eddie Cantor hosts.His guests include: actress Adele Jergens; actor Robert Clary (Cantor's son-in-law); actor Jimmy Dobson; actress Shirley Mitchell; comic actress Doris Singleton; young dancer Sharon Baird; Herman McCoy's UCLA Swing Choir; Kirk Douglas in a cameo; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    In the musical comedy "Cantor Goes To College," Eddie enrolls at UCLAas a freshman. He moves into the dorm and knocks out the football star who thinks his jar of sleeping pills is candy. At the malt shop, he learns French from student Robert Clary and dances with Sharon Baird.During the big Varsity Show, the UCLA Swing Choir sings "Lullaby of Broadway" and a tribute to George Gershin featuring Cantor in blackface.Eddie plays the Kirk Douglas role in a spoof of The Detective Story.

  • 1/13/1952
    Episode 20

    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello return to host another chaotic episode. Their guests include: swashbuckler Errol Flynn; Rhonda Fleming; actor Bruce Cabot; A&C stalwarts Sid Fields and Joe Kirk; The Pied Pipers; Al Goodman and his Orchestra; and a cameo by George Raft.
    Cabot offers the boysjobs onFleming's ranch. On the way, they encounter Flynn who goes berserk in the c"Niagra Falls" vaudeville routine ("Slowly I turn, step by step..."). Lou attempts to milk a cow, and in an "initiation" bit, he and Bud get the giggles and start spitting spitting milk at each other.As a sheriff, Lou battles bad guy Flynn.
    Rhonda Fleming performs "Don't Blame Me" and "I'm in Love With a Wonderful Guy."

  • 1/6/1952
    Episode 19
    Donald O'Connor hosts this edition and welcomes guests including: Harpo Marx; singer Gale Robbins; radio comedian Pat Patrick; and Sid Miller. In addition to O'Connor's singing and dancing, Patrick performs a comedy monologue, Marx chases blondes, Robbins performs a couple of numbers, and O'Connor teams up with Miller for another popular songwriters sketch.moreless
  • 12/30/1951
    Episode 18
    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this episode. Their guest include: Marx Brothers foil Margaret DuMont; singer Eve Young; comic performer and Colgage writer Danny Arnold; Mike Mazurki; Ray Malone; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra.
  • 12/23/1951
    Episode 17
    Eddie Cantor hosts this Christmas-themed episode. His guests include: actor Farley Granger; singer Bobby Breen; child actors Sharon Baird and Stuffy Singer. In a sentemental segment, Cantor adopts a son (Singer).
  • 12/16/1951
    Episode 16
    Jack Paar, TV personality and comedian, hosts this episode. His guests include: Carmen Miranda; The Three Stooges; current star of The Alan Young Show on CBS, Alan Young; Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger; and The Whippoorwills.
  • 12/9/1951
    Episode 15
    Eddie Cantor hosts this episode. His guests include: vocalists The Nilsson Twins; drummer Norman Brown; and comics Tom D'Andrea and Larry Blake.
  • 12/2/1951
    Episode 14

    Bob Hope hosts hosts this AGVA (American Guild of Variety Artists) welfare fund show. Guests include: Marilyn Maxwell; singer/bandleader Bob Crosby; comic actors Eddie Bracken and Frank Faylen; comedian/AGVA president Georgie Price, Toni Arden; Pat C. Flick; juggler Wally Blair; song and dance act Lita Baron and Billy Daniel; cyclist Joe Mole, comic Sid Marion; dance act The Rio Brothers; The Skylarks; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    Hope plays a surgeon who's operating room has turned into a TV show; Rob Crosby sings "Silver Bells"; Faylen and Bracken do a sketch about a vacuum cleaner salesman; Price makes brief speeches, sings "Laugh, Clown, Laugh," and impersonates George M. Cohan in the finale with the cast singing "Auld Lang Syne" and an American flag.

  • 11/25/1951
    Episode 13
    Eddie Cantor hosts. His guests include: Cesar Romero; Betty Graham; and Eddie Fisher.
    In comedy, Cantor and cast do a take-off of that year's big Roman epic Quo Vadis; Also, another "Maxi the Taxi" bit. Army Private Fisher gives a sales pitch for joining the armed services, sings "Turn Back the Hands of Time" and duets with Cantor on "Give Me the Moonlight." Bandleader Al Goodman gives his first vocal performance of the series.moreless
  • 11/18/1951
    Episode 12
    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello host this edition with guests: George Raft; Louis Armstrong; vocalist Rosette Shaw; A&C stalwarts Sid Fields and Joe Kirk; The Pied Pipers; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
  • 11/11/1951
    Episode 11
    Donald O'Connor hosts and welcomes guests including: Harpo Marx; film star Yvonne De Carlo; Sid Miller; Roger Price; radio comedian Pat Patrick; and singer Gale Robbins. Highlights include Harpo chasing more women, goofing around on the piano, and performing a number on the harp, natch.
  • 11/4/1951
    Episode 10

    Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis host this episode. Their guests include: singer Dorothy Dandridge; Danny Arnold; dancers Bob and Eddie Mayo; comedy actor Donald MacBride; actress Marion Marshall; announcer Jimmy Wallington; and Dick Stabile and his Orchestra. Lewis is Martin's ventriloquism dummy at a talent agents office. Lewis poses undercover in a prison sketch trying to find out what a pair of killers are planning. Dandridge performs "Blow Out the Candle," Martin does "Bella Bimba" and "Solitaire," and Jerry lip-syncs to "Be My Love." Bob and Eddie Mayo dance to "A Night in Tunisia." In the finale, conductor Lewis goes nuts and destroys Martin's song.

  • 10/28/1951
    Episode 9
    Eddie Cantor hosts this edition, with guests including: Cesar Romero; Verna Felton; Sheilah Graham; The Caprino Sisters; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. This week's show is built around "Hooray for Hollywood". Cantor performs another "Maxi the Taxi" sketch featuring Felton and Romero.
  • 10/21/1951
    Episode 8
    Jack Carson fills-in as host for this episode. His guests include: actor Robert Alda; actress Betty Garrett; The Honey Brothers; and Dean Elliott and his Orchestra. In comedy bits, Carson and Alda make a musical bet and Carson performs an intentionally lousy magic act.
  • 10/14/1951
    Episode 7

    Bud Abbott and Lou Costello are back to host. Their guests include: Irish tenor Phil Regan and singer/actress Gale Storm.

  • 10/7/1951
    Episode 6
    The versitile Donald O'Connor made his debut as host in this episode. His guests included: Ed Wynn; sexy movie actress Arlene Dahl; actress Mary Hatcher; Walter Catlett; Douglas Fowley; The Ungar Twins; comic Sid Miller; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. The episode features a running bit with O'Connor's agent (Fowley) trying to hook him up with producer Catlett, giving him plenty of opportunities to perform. In the finale, O'Connon brings out his mom!moreless
  • 9/30/1951
    Episode 5
    Eddie Cantor hosts. His guests include: actress Judy Kelly; pianists Martin Freed and Ernie Stewart; Sid Fields; Ida Cantor; announcer Jack Slattery; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra. Cantor performs songs he made famous, including: "Makin' Whoopee"; "For Me and My Gal"; "Ida"; "Susie"; and "Bye Bye Blackbird".
  • 9/23/1951
    Episode 4
    Opera star Ezio Pinza is the host of this episode. His guests include: "Mr. Television" Milton Berle; ventriloquist Paul Winchell and dummy Jerry Mahoney; film actress Colette Marchand; and Martha Wright, current female lead in South Pacific. Pinza performs arias from "The Barber of Seville". In a popular vein, he does "White Christmas" (in September) and, appropriately, "September Song". He teams up with Berle and White on "There Is Nothing Like a Dame."moreless
  • 9/16/1951
    Episode 3
    Spike Jones hosts a crazy hour featuring: The City Slickers; singer Helen Grayco (Spike's wife); Jan Peerce; and the Wayne Marlin Trio.
    Sketches include a take-off on British movies and the French Foreign Legion. Among the songs "reimagined" by Spike's musical depreciation society are "Pass the Biscuits, Mirandy", "Il Schlamiel!!!", the "Hawaiian War Chant" with the Wayne Marlin Trio and Helen Grayco with "Mad About the Boy".moreless
  • 9/9/1951
    Episode 2
    Eddie Cantor is the host of this episode. He welcomes guests including: Cesar Romero; Barbara Ashley; actors Stanley Prager and Bill Gray; dancer team Jimmy Russell and Aura Vainio; Siri; Rober Gari; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
  • 9/2/1951
    Episode 1
    Jackie Gleason, still starring on DuMont's Cavalcade of Stars, hosts the second season opener. His guests include: Rose Marie; singer Johnny Johnston; a cameo by Eddie Cantor; the Esther Junger Dancers; and Al Goodman and his Orchestra.
    In a sketch called "Day in the Park", the Poor Soul gets lost in Central Park and has trouble with an erratic water fountain. The great Reginald Van Gleason III graces the show with his presence. Rose Marie performs "Razz-Ma-Tazz" and "Cryin' My Heart Out Over You", while Johnson sings "I Get Ideas" and "Rockin' the Boat." Eddie Cantor appears at the end to exchange jokes with Gleason and to plug his hosting duties next week.moreless