The Colin Quinn Show

NBC (ended 2002)


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The Colin Quinn Show

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Show Type: Sketch Show First Telecast: March, 2002 Last Telecast: March, 2002 Episodes: 3 Color Episodes Production: Distributors: NBC The Colin Quinn Show is a hilarious live sketch comedy show that began and ended March 2002 on NBC. It was hosted by Saturday Night Live's Colin Quinn. Each episode consists a monologue by Quinn, a town meeting in which Quinn and several other comedians discuss the days issues, a "Channel Zero Local News" segment, comedy sketches, and commercial parodies. The show earned poor ratings during its test run, so only those three half-hour episodes were performed and aired.
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  • New York Comedian Nancy Lombardo also appeared in the pilot episode #101 but is not listed in the cast?

    Colin Quinn is a very talented comedian. in a time when comedians are more or less homogenized he speaks his mind. His social and political observations seem genuine.Especially the the portion of his show where the comedians gathered on the steps to just the sketches were witty and fun and he utilized New York based talent that other wise would not have been given a chance to shine. this is a very generous act in the nature of this business. This was a very funny show and should have been given more time and promotion to build a following.moreless
  • colin quinn is a hack

    there is one reason and one reason alone as to why this show never took off. colin quinn is a no talent joke. he is one of the least funny people to ever be on saturday night live. they give him a show on comedy central and it lasted a while, but it was not funny.