The Collector

Season 1 Episode 1

The Rapper

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Jun 02, 2004 on CityTV
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The Rapper
After 650 years of collecting the souls of people who have made a deal with the Devil, Morgan Pym has had enough. He ask the Devil for the power to try to save his clients during their last 48 hours of life, by helping them atone for the evil that their deals have caused. But Morgan's client, a rap star, refuses to believe that his 10 years of fame and fortune are coming to a sudden end. Morgan struggles to convince the rapper to seek redemption before the clock runs out.moreless

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  • Great find

    As an American living in Florida, I must say I do not know if I've ever seen a Canadian series before. I read about this show and decided to give it a download and was quite amazed. This episode created an atmosphere I could certinaly get into. It was dark,moody and the subject matter was quite entertaining and original. An ardent fan of British TV since I was a child, I have often found foreign shows display much more orginality and spice than American TV. This show, and this episode, are way too intense for American TV. I was drawn to Morgan immediately and felt great empathy for his quest to right wrongs and create something good out of a bad situation. Collector turned Reedemer is an interesting concept and I look forward to seeing more of this show. I think it will live up to the potential displayed by this episode, which kept me very interested throughout. Here's to a great beginning.moreless
  • Saving Souls 24-7.

    I was extremely excited when Jon Cooksey told me that he and Ali Marie Matheson were making a new drama series, The Collector. I was a huge, die-hard fan of their previous series, So Weird, and had seen enough of their work to know that they were truly talented.

    I finally got my hands on a copy of the pilot episode, "The Rapper". I had to watch it three times before I felt I was able enough to write an honest review.

    The series is right away recognizable as a Canadian series, but it's also extremely different: it's actually good. No offense to other Canadian shows, but this has all of them seriously beat in the writing, filming, acting, an everything else. As the show opens, we are introduced to Morgan Pym, whom we will soon discover is much older than he looks. He is sitting in front of his computer, as though waiting. Getting restless, he gets up and walks

    around his apartment. He sees some writing on the wall left behind by the previous tenant. Flashback to a VERY old-fashioned but cool-looking Bible. We see the words "Satan" several times, written in red ink. Cut to Morgan walking down the street with his hoodie. There are several prostitutes hanging out on the street, but Morgan catches

    the eye on one particular woman. He then arrives at his destination: a corner market, probably a gas station. He goes in and purchases a bottle of Clearly Canadian water (the show takes place in Vancouver), when a guy walks in with an awfully large gun. Morgan tries to stop him from shooting the guy behind the counter, and is shot. He flies backward and lands in the floor behind the counter. We see him with a gaping hole in his chest. He should be dead, and he certainly looks like it, but suddenly flames erupt from the hole and seem to burn it away as the wound heals itself. He gets up, pretty pissed, and snatches the gun from the would-be robber, who's quite baffled that he's alive, and just stands there stupidly as Morgan tells him to repent. Walking outside, he throws the gun into a nearby dumpster, zips up his jacket so no one will notice his blood-drenched shirt, and walks off.

    And so we have the first opening scene of The Collector. We go to the opening title sequence, seeing a bunch of souls who look like fire rather than your usual idea of what a soul should look like, and the voice of Colin Cunningham as Satan himself tells us the backstory of Morgan...he was a monk who fell in love. Love died of the plague, Morgan condemned God and sold his soul to Satan to get his true love back. Turns out that deals with the Devil only last 10 years, and when his decade was up, his love dies again, and to keep from going down into the stinky bowels of Hell, becomes an immortal collector for

    the Devil.

    To make this brief, Morgan meets Maya, the junkie hooker that he caught eyes with at the beginning. She reminds him of his old love, Katrina, and it brings some light back into his soul. He goes to the devil, who this week is being played by Mackenzie Gray (last saw him in an episode of So Weird), and asks him for permission to help his clients gain their redemption. The Devil agrees, and Morgan gets to work on his current client, rapper Dionn Walker, who is being investigated by a curious reporter, named Jeri Slate. Meanwhile, Maya is near death from AIDs. Dionn doesn't regain his redemption, but in a final act of kindness allows Morgan to transfer Maya's AIDs to him, and he dies. This peaks Jeri Slate's interest, especially after finding Morgan Pym's card on the body. This isn't the last time we'll be seeing her...

    I have to admit, I was expecting too much out the series before I saw it, so upon my first viewing was a tad disappointing. But then, after thinking about it, and realizing the show was actually ABOUT something, I realized it's a fantastic show. The show's predicament is a bit positive and negative, too. Because it's on a Canadian cable network, the show has been contracted to last 88 episodes. But if it had the budget of the average American one-hour drama, the effects would be cooler. But that's just a small drawback. And if the show was on FOX or ABC, it'd probably be dead by now, even if it got decent ratings.

    For a first episode, "The Rapper" was a great pilot. It sets the mood for the rest of the series and definitely makes you want to see


Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes

Dion Walker / Core D

Guest Star

Jodelle Ferland

Jodelle Ferland

The Devil / Little Girl

Guest Star

Brandon Jay McLaren

Brandon Jay McLaren

Posse Member #1

Guest Star

Ona Grauer

Ona Grauer


Recurring Role

Aidan Drummond

Aidan Drummond

Gabriel Slate

Recurring Role

Colin Cunningham

Colin Cunningham


Recurring Role

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    • Core D: (rap)
      She met me at the Motel 6 for licks and tricks
      Hit the floor, hit the skins, yo this chick was slick
      I put my quarter in her slot and we got the bed shakin'
      Makin' her climb the walls, call my name and get crazy
      Next day she tryin' to play me like we're married or some such
      Girl, please, I'd like to leave the area untouched
      Plus we just met, I ain't promised a thing
      You start talkin' 'bout a ring and I'm gone with the wind

      Listen up: freakin's just recreation gotta chill out with your expectations
      Tryin' to put me in your box and then flip the lid
      Only a sucka gets stucka with a bitch an' kids

      Listen up: freakin's just recreation
      Girls...for the sport, not procreation
      Tryin' to lure a brother in and then flip the script
      Only a sucka gets stucka with a bitch an' kids

      Now some ladies' nerves twitch when I say the word "bitch"
      But I've never called 'em that unless they deserved it
      They get mad! Enraged! They be rushin' the stage!
      Whoa-whoa-whoa, hey, hold up, I got somethin' to say

      A real woman got her own, house car and phone
      She can love it or leave it, cause she can do it alone
      Don't need your cash or checks, and won't crash your Lex
      She won't harass your ex because she has respect
      But a bitch uses her head to get in your bed
      Wedding bells in her mind from the second you met
      Now she's poppin' out babies, it's crazy, you signed a mortgage
      Working two jobs all day to buy the porridge
      And supply the diapers for them cryin' ass young'uns
      And you can't even look at what you used to put your tongue in
      She actin' all delicate, got you damn near celibate
      Tryin' to feed her Tylenol, like "How bad can a headache get?"
      She's at the mall tryin' to get jeans to fit her
      While you're payin' for it all, playin' the babysitter
      Yeah bitches is wack thinkin' 'at babies'll bond 'em
      So save yourselves the drama, kids, and always use a condom!

      Listen up: freakin's just recreation
      Girls...don't wanna increase the population
      So don't put me in your box and try to flip the lid
      Only a sucka gets stucka with a bitch an' kids

      Yeah, freakin' is what?
      (posse members: recreation!
      For the sport, not what?
      (posse members: procreation!
      Girl, I'll get up in your box but don't you flip the lid
      (the music stops
      Only a sucka gets stucka with a bitch and kids.

  • NOTES (6)

    • This episode won Leo Awards for Best Overall Sound in a Dramatic Series, Best Musical Score in a Dramatic Series and Best Visual Effects in a Dramatic Series.

    • The original premise of The Collector was that Morgan would be a Collector of evil people only, and be a sort of avenger. However, this seemed to dark, and Jon Cooksey and Ali Marie Matheson wanted the show to have more meaning, so the plotline was changed.

    • Morgan says that if Dion kills himself it will only make things worse for him in hell. This seems to indicate that in the world of the Collector suicide is considered to be a mortal sin.

    • Ona Grauer, who portrays Katrina, has also been in FOX's Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and John Doe. She has also guest-starred in Sci Fi's Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, and was in the 2004 movie Catwoman.

    • When Adrian Holmes was recording the song that his character performs in the episode, he didn't sound natural at all because he's nothing like his character in real life. He was told to take on an attitude similar to that of his character, and he nailed it immediately, even though he's not a professional singer.

    • Mackenzie Gray was a recurring guest star on Jon Cooksey and Ali Marie Matheson's last series, So Weird.