The CollegeHumor Show

MTV - Music Television (ended 2009)


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The CollegeHumor Show

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The CollegeHumor Show is a scripted sitcom that follows the daily lives of real-life employees of We follow nine CollegeHumor staff members. They each play key roles to the plots and humor of the the show. The staff members play themselves as they normally do, only they turn it up ten times more extreme. Crazy versions of themselves in a way. Most of the filming is in their real life Office in New York. They use the humor from their website and put it into extensions of Hardly Workings that they make. There is no limit to the excitement that can happen with the CollegeHumor Show. THEME SONG: This is Ricky, back in college he and his friends started a comedy website for beer money. They called it Now instead of dorm rooms they have an office in New York City. They still make stupid videos for the internet and behave like total children. These are the actual dorks who work here, and this is what they do all day long. This is The CollegeHumor Show.


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campy, offensive comedy, Teen, frat guy humor, Mockumentaries