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  • Season 1
    • Armageddon
      Episode 6
      Sam gets word that the site is shutting down at night. As if they needed another reason to break stuff and go wild, but now they don't have to worry about it. Patrick writes his own resume, but exaggerates his qualities, much to Streeter's and his dad's displeasure. Amir brainstorms stupid new website ideas, while Jake tries to convince Sarah to have sex with him. Is this the end of College Humor? Or can the wacky staff pull through together?moreless
    • Hot Girl
      Episode 5
      When The staff hears about a new hot girl they have to get ready. Amir and Pat find out about the new co-worker and are both especially determined to win her heart, each using wacky tactics. Meanwhile Sam and Dan have a dilemma of their own, involving them both getting single, without having to break up with their girlfriends, themselves, it's complicated.moreless
    • 3/1/09
      When Sarah needs to get a new boyfriend, the guys feel they need to help her. They eventually find a guy named Trip, who is a mediocre magician. Sarah is not convinced, and sets out to prove his card trick is a fake. Also Streeter finds out his parents are no longer together and goes goth.moreless
    • 2/22/09
      When there is a party at the awards of America's hottest College girl, the girl is murdered. Two of the CollegeHumor staff employees are accused of the crime. Can Streeter and Patrick prove that it wasn't them and solve the case? Meanwhile, the staff try to plan a "hot" funeral for the girl.moreless
    • Interns
      Episode 2
      When Ricky allows Streeter to get an Intern, everybody wants one. Little do they know the Hot Interns are multiplying at a rate that will soon devour the CollegeHumor office. Moreover, the staff are now being bossed around by the hot interns. Amir begins torturing his own intern for crazy reasons.moreless
    • 2/8/09
      Transforming an office into a giant ball pit is only the beginning; check out a full day of crazy CollegeHumor stunts!
    • Rival Site
      Rival Site
      Episode 1
      Ricky accidentally loses Patrick to and has to deal with Patrick telling him how "great" it is over there. The staff come up with a plan to save him. Meanwhile, Jake and Jeff are being trained by Streeter at beer pong, which could come in handy.
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