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  • duped by the network

    While this show holds some interest for me, I couldn't care less if they make a second season. This is because they simply have taken all the stories we've ever read or seen regarding mafia families, street gangs, drug running gangs etc and expect us to choose a side?! its getting old quick that they have never REALLY explained the aliens and their conquering of the earth and they don't seem to care whether they ever do! They're trying to write this as if its WWII occupation of Europe by the Nazis. They sucked us in with the idea of dealing with alien domination of the globe and all they've given us is the usual activities of daily living with all the distrust, hatreds, duplicity et al that humans deal with daily in our lives. I do think the actors are doing a great job with mediocre writing at its best.
  • Volunteer?

    Yep. I'm volunteering for the next season lol. But season 1 was far better than season 2 in my opinion. The participants were far more creative, granted almost all of them had degrees in every subject known to man. Still very entertaining, thought-provoking, and insightful.
  • I wish they make a new season

    The colony is a better show than all garbage tv shows out there. Please make another season!
  • I want on this show

    Is this show still running? Iraqi. Vet would love to be on this show! Please contact able to deploy at anytime!

  • RE: to keefeeuk

    They got most of the items by the producers placing items there..

    Season one mentioned a number of times that items were left around the area...

    Vladimir Beck's knife was a keep-sake from his son he " on " always kept by his side

    Keep in mind this is a simulation of how people survive by hunting forging and building with materials around them
  • .

    I like the theory but all my brain keeps questioning is "Where did they get that from? That fitting? That switch? That bulb? That cable? 12 days food? That material? Those tools? Those torches? That welding gear? Those knives?" I could go on and US we'll gloss over the details for entertainments sake.
  • I really hope they do someday come out with a new season.

    My family sat togather watching EVERY episode of The Colony, season one amd two. We all felt that we really learned from the show. Not only entertaining but also educational. I have a large family of 6 four teenagers and we discussed what our seperate rolls would be and the things we would do for protection, food, shelter, water ect. The posibility of mass distruction, end to current times is a real possibility, one that people do not think about in there normal day to day lives. I really love this show.
  • Different from all reality shows

    I'm not the type of person to watch reality shows. Shows like "Survivor" and "Real World" have never interested me. I figured that "The Colony" would be similar but decided to give it a shot anyway because I was running out of shows to watch at the gym. I fell in love with this show just from the first episode. It's realistic and the emotions and situations are very raw and you feel like it really is happening; because it is.

    Granted, it's not that likely that this perfect blend of people would happen. They consist of very intelligent people: an ER nurse, a doctor, a professor, an aerospace engineer, a machinist, a handyman, a marine get the picture. Nonetheless, this show still outlines how hard it is to survive and what people need to focus on for survival. I don't know how they pulled off the apocalyptic atmosphere in an LA urban setting but it was a great show.

    Although I love this show, I hope they aren't any more seasons because I feel like the show would deteriorate and be less realistic. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes shows like Walking Dead.
  • Great show. More, please.

    What did they do right? What did they do wrong? What would I do different?

    Can a group, in time, create a perfect colony where nobody goes hungry and manages to assimiliate everyone it encounters...including baddies?

    Each show I learn a lot and very get consumed thinking about the above.

    It would be interesting to follow several small groups at once.

    I look forward to hopefully seeing a future colony 'ace' the basics so everybody is always eating, drinking and well protected. Where scouting/scavenging/establishing perfect base/diplomacy is primary before diverting any time to constructing.

  • Thought provoking social experiment

    I've watched both seasons of The Colony and I enjoyed it greatly. It's fascinating to see what people do when they are put under huge amounts of stress and pressure, and the modern day idea of a viral outbreak is a perfect setting for such an experiment. The Colony brings out the best and worst in its participants, and makes for great TV in the process.

    Personally, I enjoyed season 2 more than season 1, but if you're new to the series, I would start from the beginning. I've heard that season 3 is coming, and I couldn't be happier. Well done Discovery Channel!
  • Ever wondered what you'd do when the power fails, the lights go out, the water stops running and civilisation crumbles?

    The Colony is an "experiment" about human survival, post apocolypse. It follows the lives of ten survivors who find sanctuary in an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles. Similar to other reality tv, The Colony has a set location but is, unscripted, thus allowing for the unexpected and, of course, raw human drama. Naturally, obstacles have been setup to challenge and inspire the desperate group.

    The little things we take for granted in our privelleged lives are stripped from the Colonists and they struggle daily to find food and water while under scrutiny and even attack from other competing groups in the area.

    Set in stages, the colonists must make it through certain trials, or make certain achievements in their efforts to survive. Such as, a means of collecting food and water, building coooking facilities, finding fuel and later-on, energy production, and even communications.

    This show was excellent viewing. For anyone out there who loves engineering or is interested in post apocolyptic scenarios, or even someone who likes human drama, you will love this show.

    The cast were stacked; in that we had a nurse, an engineer, an ex-con, a karate expert, a retired war veteran, a computer geek, a handyman, a religious person, oh, and a nasa rocket scientist, to name a few. This combination, while most likely NOT representative of a typical group of survivors, was essential to making this great viewing.

    If you imagine for a moment, yourself, with nine others, all of which were people from your neighbourhood. How many of you would actually know how to build a battery bank for electrical storage, or how to turn common wood into fuel that can drive a car? I'm betting none of you. So, while it's an un-realistic group, it is a necessary one as these inventions were what really gave the show its edge, and lets face it, watching people starve to death is just boring and depressing.

    With the little they have - and they have very little, they manage to create some ingenous things to make life easier for themselves. They even build a bicycle powered washing machine, that works, and are able to have limited hot showers at one point.

    A second installment is under-way and i'd like to make a few changes to the show. They need 40 people, not 10, and they should be split into 4 groups of 10. The competing groups and marauders should be replaced by these competing groups. This way we can see how 4 different colonies set themselves up and interact - also, this is a lot more honest than the previous Actors as Marauders setup. You never know, we may see one group fail and "die" or 3 groups merge to tackle the other group which has much needed supplies. Ohhh, the possibilities are endless.
  • I am not shocked to see that The Colony has 0 fans on HUGE miss by the Discovery Channel.

    This is the most obvious, staged, poorly executed concept I've ever seen. What began as a brilliant concept as it was advertised (how do strangers rebuild society after a disaster) to what it posits (how would we survive the midst of a catastrophe) - what evolves is a mangy cast of know-it-alls (lucky them to have engineers and doctors in their "random" midst!) who cleverly build things a la science (oh, the show has to teach us ignorant people something)... all while running from some fictitious Mad-Max-esque group of motorcycle renegades. That's so original. No other post-apocalyptic show or movie has thought of that!
    It's poorly written, poorly acted, completely obvious and absolutely nothing about it is ground-breaking beyond the audacity of producer for corrupting a totally marvelous idea into an agenda-driven piece of crap.
  • Lame... typical reality TV... trumped up drama... as fake as it gets...

    Just watched the first episode and this is one of lamest show I have ever watched. It's obvious that everyone knows they're on camera and are acting for the camera... it's your typical "reality" show that is as far from reality that it gets...

    What makes the show even worse is that it is trying to recreate a potential scenario that simply can't be recreated accurately. It is practically impossible to even remotely duplicate the elements that would be present during an actual major plague / epidemic event. Especially with a bunch of cameramen running around...

    The character interaction is just laughable and as phony as it gets with the typical power positioning and everyone acting like a know-it-all and a wanna be leader without demonstrating any knowledge or leadership ability... this is as bad as it gets...
  • Top Show, we need something like this in the UK!

    This is a top show about how to survive in a complete disaster. The best thing is that its a reality show with no prize fund or any voting out and It like a movie that's uses real people. So far looters have used Pepper spray to loot the colony, set the building on fire, kidnap a member of the colony for gas and food and who can forgot the oil filled water (from the real BP disaster) and the catching of a live alligator. Defo need something like this in the UK. Some channel in the UK get on this quick!!!
  • Why didn't you spot the alligator. then make an alligator catcher. Instead you felt you needed to call it a man-catcher. PUULLEEEEEZZZZZ. Beleave it or not, this audience is smarter than you think.

    Man trap that operates like a wild animal trap.
    Why need to orchestrate the dang show to this degree.
    Catch a man with something which will keep them at a distance from you??????????? ????? ???? ????? ????? ?????? ?????????????? ????? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????? ???? ??? ????? ?? ??????please
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  • A fascinating experiment

    Since the very beginning of the show, the colony has not ceased to engage me. Every episode is highly unique, with unexpected successes and disasters cropping up at every opportunity. The cast is rather entertaining as well, with an unstable mix of personalities to keep everyone on their toes. When each episode is over, I always want to see the next, as it seems each time the colonists think up something new and occasionally humorous. I think the show deserves a good rap, and could go on into many seasons if the fan base can become big enough quick enough.
  • What a show!!!

    I think this is an absolutely amazing series so far a bit like scrap heap challenge but so much better!!! Would love to see more of!! The way the group are finally pulling together is great starting to trust and understand each other. As the series has gone on the group are starting to take thing a little bit more serious instead of messing around like at the start. The incursion from the hostiles really shook them up and made them take stock of the situation, where they had put luxuries before security but they have tried to make up for it!!
    Personally I think the biggest achievement is getting power so that they can and have started making things too make life better and easier.
  • Too bad no fluffy bunny on dinner menu!

    I love the show but I do have some complaints. It would have been better if fluffy bunny was on the dinner menu! I want to know which film crew member the nurse was screwing?! Someone was supplying her with soap, shampoo, & extra supplies because she never looks dehydrated like everyone else. Of course she could have been taking extra food when she was counting supplies. She never looked dirty or tired like the others! Every show her hair was too clean, not oily like the rest of the cast. She even wore makeup! Even when her hair was in a pony tail it looked too clean for the conditions she was living in.
  • When people are in survival mode in a hopeless post-apocalyptic situation, to what lengths will they go to protect their own interests or those around them?

    The Colony is a fascinating experiment centering around one question in particular: When people are in survival mode in a hopeless post-apocalyptic situation, to what lengths will they go to protect their own interests or those around them? It's a question the viewer constantly asks themselves: What would I do in this situation? Could I handle the difficulties these men and women are facing? Needless to say, this television show and social experiment is extremely thought provoking for the viewer. The producer of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch is back again producing a TV show focusing on the struggle of mankind when faced with dangerous adventure. The Colony is indeed an adventure- it's definitely THE new reality program to watch this summer!
  • Disaster will come eventually and we need to be more knowledgealble to survive when it comes.

    I thought it was a great show, very educational if something bad really happened. I thought it can be better, but keep up the great thoughts and hard work. People need to know what to do when disaster happens. If they don't educate themselves on this, then there will be more choas involved. People need to understand what to do, that is the key to survival. The more we know, the survival rate is higher. The show looked corny but not having the budget I understand. Keep up the great work and I hope the ratings will go up. Thumbs up
  • I think this show will be the next DISCOVERY hit.

    Love the show wish it was more than 1hr. This show must have been hard to make, for the cast and the crew, that place was a mess.
    You may think that the colonists are a dreamteam for this show but lets see as the weeks go on who can hang and who falls on there face.
    With no sleep lack of food and duck pee for water
    it will be hard to keep your head strait!
    I love the nutty professor in the rain, and that Mike is such an assface But when your right…
    your right.
    I will be in front of my tube again 10pm tus!!!!!!!!!!
  • All in all, this show is worth watching.

    This new series has now aired 3 episodes. On the whole, it has been well scripted.
    For a new series it has kept my interest and has actually made me look forward to
    the next episode. The information about simple survival tactics has been informative.
    The interaction among the survivors shows a true cross section of people and their
    ability to make the best of a bad situation. It shows how despite so many different
    personalities, we are capable of working together under duress. It also keeps the viewer's
    attention by the day to day challenges these people are facing.
    I think Discovery has another winner.
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