The Colony

Tuesday 10:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Jul 21, 2009 In Season


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  • Ever wondered what you'd do when the power fails, the lights go out, the water stops running and civilisation crumbles?

    The Colony is an "experiment" about human survival, post apocolypse. It follows the lives of ten survivors who find sanctuary in an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles. Similar to other reality tv, The Colony has a set location but is, unscripted, thus allowing for the unexpected and, of course, raw human drama. Naturally, obstacles have been setup to challenge and inspire the desperate group.

    The little things we take for granted in our privelleged lives are stripped from the Colonists and they struggle daily to find food and water while under scrutiny and even attack from other competing groups in the area.

    Set in stages, the colonists must make it through certain trials, or make certain achievements in their efforts to survive. Such as, a means of collecting food and water, building coooking facilities, finding fuel and later-on, energy production, and even communications.

    This show was excellent viewing. For anyone out there who loves engineering or is interested in post apocolyptic scenarios, or even someone who likes human drama, you will love this show.

    The cast were stacked; in that we had a nurse, an engineer, an ex-con, a karate expert, a retired war veteran, a computer geek, a handyman, a religious person, oh, and a nasa rocket scientist, to name a few. This combination, while most likely NOT representative of a typical group of survivors, was essential to making this great viewing.

    If you imagine for a moment, yourself, with nine others, all of which were people from your neighbourhood. How many of you would actually know how to build a battery bank for electrical storage, or how to turn common wood into fuel that can drive a car? I'm betting none of you. So, while it's an un-realistic group, it is a necessary one as these inventions were what really gave the show its edge, and lets face it, watching people starve to death is just boring and depressing.

    With the little they have - and they have very little, they manage to create some ingenous things to make life easier for themselves. They even build a bicycle powered washing machine, that works, and are able to have limited hot showers at one point.

    A second installment is under-way and i'd like to make a few changes to the show. They need 40 people, not 10, and they should be split into 4 groups of 10. The competing groups and marauders should be replaced by these competing groups. This way we can see how 4 different colonies set themselves up and interact - also, this is a lot more honest than the previous Actors as Marauders setup. You never know, we may see one group fail and "die" or 3 groups merge to tackle the other group which has much needed supplies. Ohhh, the possibilities are endless.
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