The Color of War

The History Channel Premiered Jan 01, 2002 Unknown


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  • Season 1
    • Dressed to Kill
      Dressed to Kill
      Episode 17
      When he reached the front lines, the typical American soldier in World War II carried more than 100 pounds of arms and equipment into battle. Personal protection and functionality combined to make the troops ready to face the enemy.
    • Clearing the Way
      Clearing the Way
      Episode 15
      Before the troops arrived for battle, some of the unsung heroes of World War II went to work. The combat engineers built roads and bridges, cleared terrain for armies and generally made it possible for the war to be fought.
    • Man and Machine
      Man and Machine
      Episode 14
    • Aftermath
      Episode 13
    • Victory
      Episode 12
      It was a bloody, hard-fought conflict, but World War II's VE Day, marking victory in Europe, finally arrived. Archival footage follows the Allies through the D-Day landings and beyond, as Nazi forces faced their final days.
    • The Price of War
      The Price of War
      Episode 11
      Accompanying the soldiers into the battles of World War II were the stalwart medical teams. These courageous doctors, nurses and corpsmen risked injury or death themselves while tending to the wounds of fallen troops.
    • Silent and Deep
      Silent and Deep
      Episode 9
      As American soldiers fought in the trenches throughout Europe and the Pacific, their counterparts in submarines patrolled the world's oceans. Vital to the war effort, the subs were also some of the most dangerous places to be in an attack.
    • Fueling the Fire
      Fueling the Fire
      Episode 8
      Thousands of American troops fought in World War II, and behind them was the one of the biggest, most complex supply chains the country has ever seen. See the mechanics involved in the delivery of food, arms and other supplies to the front lines.
    • Why We Fight
      Why We Fight
      Episode 7
      Travel beyond the front lines to discover the real forces behind World War II and why the soldiers were sent to fight. Highlighted by rare color footage, this episode examines the experiences of the troops and where they fit in the overall objective.
    • Anchors Aweigh
      Anchors Aweigh
      Episode 6
      Many of World War II's greatest battles took place at sea. As naval vessels became more technologically advanced, sailors faced ever-increasing responsibility and danger, as illustrated by this episode's rare color footage of maritime warfare.
    • Battleground
      Episode 4
      Virtually every climate on Earth played host to the battles of World War II. As nations collided, soldiers faced unknown, often savage terrain that changed the way they fought the enemy. Visit battlefields that posed the biggest hurdles to troops.
    • Air War
      Air War
      Episode 3
      It was the most glamorous job in the military, as well as the most dangerous. Stunning, never-before-seen color footage takes you into the skies with World War II pilots, who fought for survival every time they left the ground.
    • Face to Face
      Face to Face
      Episode 2
      Only one in six men serving in World War II saw combat, but for those soldiers, the war was terrifyingly real. Their stories from the front lines, accompanied by harrowing color footage, illustrate the brutal combat they endured.