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"The Comeback" stars Lisa Kudrow as a one-time sitcom star who is trying to revive her career. Kudrow and Michael Patrick King (executive producer of Sex and the City) co-wrote the pilot script and will executive produce the series. Kudrow's producing partner Dan Bucatinsky is set to executive produce through the duo's production company, Is or Isn't Entertainment.

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    • Pure Genius! So Ahead of it's Time! Jane! Micky! MarkyMark! AUNT SASSY is CLASSY!!!!

      I CHERISH VALERIE CHERISH!!! This show was so ahead of it's time and I believe that anyone who has ever watched any kind of reality tv should be forced to watch this show, just to get a clear picture of how real reality tv is. This show was SPOT ON and Lisa Kudrow nailed it at making her character, Valerie Cherish, lovable, yet depicting her vanity, naivety, and vulnerability with brilliance and often uncomfortable silence and a glance into the camera. The cast is brilliant as well. Sometimes I catch myself channeling Cherish. I've watched this series at least three times with friends who I insisted they watch this show - and all have loved it. It is HILARIOUS - if you're able to "get it". It's not a dumb man's show - the humor is very intelligent and even awkward. If you haven't watched this yet, DO! You'll be ravnig about it, too. It took me a few episodes to fully understand how this show worked and understand the set up and fall in love with Valerie. One f the best tv decisions I've made - It's Lisa Kudrow - has she ever failed us (Forgiveness for Clockwatchers)? This show had me in stitches, every time I watch it, stitches! Timeless humor if you give this show the time to get it!moreless
    • I'm sorry Lisa, but for a long time, no TV-show made me wish to sell my TV faster.

      Dear Mr. ibrahimo76,

      a 10.0 for “The Comeback”, are you kidding me? Have you seen it, or are you just a Lisa Kudrow fan?

      This show is just awful – I mean really, really bad; not just the normal amount bad. I can’t believe HBO produced this show. Sure the idea seems to be unique, a sitcom about a reality show about a sitcom. Wow, what mastermind came up with this concept? While I watched the first two episodes, all I could think of was revenge. Revenge for this cruel and unusual punishment - and I don’t even know what I was punished for.

      The characters of this show are so boring I’m astonished that the actors agreed to play them. The dialogs are so far from funny that I honestly can’t figure out why this series qualified as a (situation) comedy and the story is sooooooo boring!!!

      Please Lisa, quit this show, I am sure you find something better.

    • What i like about this show that it's Raw and extremely Funny and on top of that their is Liza who is brilliant and god she is so funny love her ..moreless

      The show is about an actress Valerie Cherish who had a big TV hit a few years ago and she was TV's IT girl and now she's back and she straggling with her reality TV show, her marriage And trying to get back to the entertainment business with another show where she feels unappreciated and old with all the young actors and actress with her. What you will expect from this amazing show is %100 of raw hilarious comedy yeah Liza play wonderfully but also the cast are awesome too. It's an awesome TV show and Hope they bring it back.moreless
    • I don't want to see that...but I do...I do!

      The Comeback was a little slice of TV brilliance that came and went all too quickly. Valerie Cherish is fading sit-com star. She had a minor hit in the late 80s - I'm It. The Comeback follows the "It" girl as she tries to make a comeback and realizes her hairstyle may be the same, but Hollywood isn't. The show, shot like a reality TV show, is a parody of everything in Hollywood from actors, publicists, the hair people to reality tv itself. I found Valerie not to be the most likeable character at the start but after watching all thirteen episodes I began to understand her and root for her to succeed.

      The humor is in the same style as The Office - those awkward moments that make you both cringe and giggle. It definitely was ahead of its time and it's a shame it wasn't given more time to grow.moreless
    • It was so hard to choose a classification, "trensetter" or "needs fine tuning" or "absolutely fabulous" or "what did I watch that?" I think the only thing good about this show was Lisa Kudrow's freakishly amazing performance.moreless

      It was so hard to choose a classification, "trensetter" or "needs fine tuning" or "absolutely fabulous" or "what did I watch that?" I think the only thing good about this show was Lisa Kudrow's freakishly amazing performance. But that's just about it for me. It's like watching a circus act blowing fire, juggling chainsaws, on a unicycle accross a tightrope. It was acting bravura. So convincing, so real, that it was probably too real to find anything funny about it. It was cringe moment after cringe moment, and I'm not into circuses, or america's funniest videos: I do not find it entertaining to watch a chain of incredible feats or painfully embarassing moments. Some people think it's funny to watch what happens to Valerie cherish, I don't know what kind of cruel people they are, some people find this format so ahead of its time and intelligent and watch it just for that,deem everyone else as dumb and think that to flaunt that they are fans of The Comeback makes them look smart. Well, I watch TV to be entertained, I would watch The Comeback if I were in acting class. Lisa Kudrow is a genius, but so was Einstein, I wouldn't watch him either. 9 is for Lisa Kudrow's performance. The show is still worth watching for that...if you have time to spare. I don't know, I'm totally torn. You just have to see it for yourself and it wouldn't be a waste of time even if you didn't totally like it.moreless
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