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  • Pure Genius! So Ahead of it's Time! Jane! Micky! MarkyMark! AUNT SASSY is CLASSY!!!!

    I CHERISH VALERIE CHERISH!!! This show was so ahead of it's time and I believe that anyone who has ever watched any kind of reality tv should be forced to watch this show, just to get a clear picture of how real reality tv is. This show was SPOT ON and Lisa Kudrow nailed it at making her character, Valerie Cherish, lovable, yet depicting her vanity, naivety, and vulnerability with brilliance and often uncomfortable silence and a glance into the camera. The cast is brilliant as well. Sometimes I catch myself channeling Cherish. I've watched this series at least three times with friends who I insisted they watch this show - and all have loved it. It is HILARIOUS - if you're able to "get it". It's not a dumb man's show - the humor is very intelligent and even awkward. If you haven't watched this yet, DO! You'll be ravnig about it, too. It took me a few episodes to fully understand how this show worked and understand the set up and fall in love with Valerie. One f the best tv decisions I've made - It's Lisa Kudrow - has she ever failed us (Forgiveness for Clockwatchers)? This show had me in stitches, every time I watch it, stitches! Timeless humor if you give this show the time to get it!
  • I'm sorry Lisa, but for a long time, no TV-show made me wish to sell my TV faster.

    Dear Mr. ibrahimo76,

    a 10.0 for “The Comeback”, are you kidding me? Have you seen it, or are you just a Lisa Kudrow fan?

    This show is just awful – I mean really, really bad; not just the normal amount bad. I can’t believe HBO produced this show. Sure the idea seems to be unique, a sitcom about a reality show about a sitcom. Wow, what mastermind came up with this concept? While I watched the first two episodes, all I could think of was revenge. Revenge for this cruel and unusual punishment - and I don’t even know what I was punished for.

    The characters of this show are so boring I’m astonished that the actors agreed to play them. The dialogs are so far from funny that I honestly can’t figure out why this series qualified as a (situation) comedy and the story is sooooooo boring!!!

    Please Lisa, quit this show, I am sure you find something better.
  • What i like about this show that it's Raw and extremely Funny and on top of that their is Liza who is brilliant and god she is so funny love her ..

    The show is about an actress Valerie Cherish who had a big TV hit a few years ago and she was TV's IT girl and now she's back and she straggling with her reality TV show, her marriage And trying to get back to the entertainment business with another show where she feels unappreciated and old with all the young actors and actress with her. What you will expect from this amazing show is %100 of raw hilarious comedy yeah Liza play wonderfully but also the cast are awesome too. It's an awesome TV show and Hope they bring it back.
  • I don't want to see that...but I do...I do!

    The Comeback was a little slice of TV brilliance that came and went all too quickly. Valerie Cherish is fading sit-com star. She had a minor hit in the late 80s - I'm It. The Comeback follows the "It" girl as she tries to make a comeback and realizes her hairstyle may be the same, but Hollywood isn't. The show, shot like a reality TV show, is a parody of everything in Hollywood from actors, publicists, the hair people to reality tv itself. I found Valerie not to be the most likeable character at the start but after watching all thirteen episodes I began to understand her and root for her to succeed.

    The humor is in the same style as The Office - those awkward moments that make you both cringe and giggle. It definitely was ahead of its time and it's a shame it wasn't given more time to grow.
  • It was so hard to choose a classification, "trensetter" or "needs fine tuning" or "absolutely fabulous" or "what did I watch that?" I think the only thing good about this show was Lisa Kudrow's freakishly amazing performance.

    It was so hard to choose a classification, "trensetter" or "needs fine tuning" or "absolutely fabulous" or "what did I watch that?" I think the only thing good about this show was Lisa Kudrow's freakishly amazing performance. But that's just about it for me. It's like watching a circus act blowing fire, juggling chainsaws, on a unicycle accross a tightrope. It was acting bravura. So convincing, so real, that it was probably too real to find anything funny about it. It was cringe moment after cringe moment, and I'm not into circuses, or america's funniest videos: I do not find it entertaining to watch a chain of incredible feats or painfully embarassing moments. Some people think it's funny to watch what happens to Valerie cherish, I don't know what kind of cruel people they are, some people find this format so ahead of its time and intelligent and watch it just for that,deem everyone else as dumb and think that to flaunt that they are fans of The Comeback makes them look smart. Well, I watch TV to be entertained, I would watch The Comeback if I were in acting class. Lisa Kudrow is a genius, but so was Einstein, I wouldn't watch him either. 9 is for Lisa Kudrow's performance. The show is still worth watching for that...if you have time to spare. I don't know, I'm totally torn. You just have to see it for yourself and it wouldn't be a waste of time even if you didn't totally like it.
  • I love The Comeback but I'm not sure I get it.

    The Comeback is a really great show, but I think the reason it only had one season is that it fails as a comedy.

    Lisa Kudrow is incredible (as always) and Valerie Cherish is a fantastic character. The series does have its funny moments, but it's a lot like the original version of The Office, and I find myself just cringing through a lot of the it.

    Valerie is a very sympathetic character, and I think the problem is that she's too sympathetic. I rarely laugh when I'm watching the show, because I feel way too bad for Val. I just can't laugh at her. She's so nice, and she doesn't deserve any of what happens to her.

    I like the series as a drama, and the two shows-within-a-show, "The Comeback" and "Room and Bored" are a great touch and (I think) very original. I can't think of another show that does this. Extras does, but not to the same extent as The Comeback and I find it very refreshing and a pleasure to watch. If only poor Valerie had better luck.
  • Lisa Kudrows stars in The Comeback as Valerie Cherish, a washed up sitcom star determined to regain her fame by starring in a new sitcom called 'Room and Bored' and in a reality show 'The Comeback' that documents her bumpy return to the limelight.

    There have been quite a lot of shows that feature how show business works. The Comeback is a satisfying addition to them. The show effectively derives its humor from satirizing the mean world of show business, a business especially nasty to Valerie Cherish as she experiences the unglamorous and humiliating life of a hasbeen.
    Valerie is a very flawed character. She is pretentious and a bit self-absorbed. Lisa brings depth and feeling to Val and highlights her negative side with every spot on expression, movement and manner of speaking, but at the same time, she weaves a certain likability about her character that makes us root and feel for her despite her negativities.
    The Comeback is funny and endearing, and eventhough it lasted for only 13 episodes, these 13 episodes never failed to entertain.
  • The Comeback should be brought back...

    When this show was being first run, I tuned in as I do almost all of HBO's shows, and I couldn't make it past the first 10 minutes, it was just unfunny and boring to me.

    Recently HBO has reran the show, and after hearing good things about the show from people that I respected, I decided to give the show a second shot, I realized that this is a very under appreciated show, and just how good of an actress Lisa Kudrow is.

    Lisa Kudrow is great in this show, she wasn't used to her full potential on Friends, here she shows that she may have been the best actor on that whole show.

    Throughout the whole season you're expecting Valerie (Kudrow) to just blow up at the writers (mostly Paulie G. though), and it's a fascinating thing to actually watch how she reacts to these problems and misunderstandings.

    The drawback on the show is that it's not overly funny...It's a very hard show to get, which is probably a main reason as to why it didn't catch on. Some episode do drag on as well.

    It's a far from perfect show, but it's not horrible as people make it out to be. It's better than most comedies that are on network and cable television.
  • Proof That Americans Like Crap

    I love this show. People say it was too smart for its own good, but I don't agree. This show is extremely smart and funny. The problem was not with this show it was with the viewes who would rather watch mindless farce and "reality shows" then something that requires brain function at some higher level. Lisa Kudrow is a genius, she deserved the Emmy last year. She becomes Valerie in this show. Of all the actors who have attempted to have a show "post friends" she is the only one who dared to try something extremely diffrent. Her and Michael Pattrick King should be proud of what they created, even if they don't have the awards or the ratings to show for it.
  • WHY oh Why was this show cancelled????

    i absolutely loved this show. it definatly showed lisa kudrow at her best. it really deserved a longer run and when shows like this get cancelled it really makes you hate other inferior shows more.

    when valerie gets her ass slapped on stage by the young guy which prompts her to "do the robot" is definatly one of my fav funny moments in tv.
  • Lisa Kudrow gave a tour-de-force performance...maybe she was too good that the show was somehow hard to watch. Good to watch the first time, but not something I would watch again and again.

    Valerie Cherish is so desperate to get back to Hollywood's "A-list" that she is compromising left and right everything from her personal and professional life to make her awful sitcom and pathetic reality show attempt to work. Lisa Kudrow is so amazing and brilliant at the role that it was so hard to watch the show because I felt so bad for Valerie that made the show not that funny anymore. "The Comeback" was great for one season, but I wouldn't watch another season because 13 episodes were enough.
  • This is so funny!

    The comeback is so funny and why did HBO knock it off of it's schedule? People Magazine had the Comeback under one the Top TV Shows of 2005. You just have to fall in love with Valarie Cherish and you just have to laugh-out-loud at all the jokes and quirky situations that Valerie is stuck in. A people choice award winner, Valerie gets a reality show to bring her back in the spotlight, and she also get a second chance at a sitcom, Room And Bored, where she plays "Aunt Sassy," the fictional character everyone wishes there aunt to be. This show is just so hilarious at every aspect and just please bring back the show. HBO, just please bring it back. Bring back a true comedy and bring back a show everybody just loves!
  • In an acquired, Romy and Michelle esque Homage of subtle humor, Lisa Kudrow blatently provokes audiences to pee their pants.

    On Vacation in the Hamptons i flipped on HBO in my hotel room one night only to find the new Lisa Kudrow show that everyone had been buzzing about. I caught the episode where her husband and she go to a resort (ironically) and she finds herself out of her prime age. The part where she opened the curtains to her room in flipped out, woke my grandmother up I was laughing so hard.
  • Bring it BACK.. Please !!!

    It is one of the most wonderful funny tv show's i'v ever seen, i love lisa, i love her work,The Comeback changed my mind. She's brilliant in that role. The sadness she brings behind that brimming smile is irreplaceable. Money, fame and glamorous Hollywood can be quite sad if you look deep enough. It's a shame that the show has been canceled. It brought a truly genuine satire look at the life of an aging celebrity, Lisa is a true talent. The Comeback should not have been cancelled.

    The Larry Sanders Show, Sex and the City, both started out very slow with little to no fanfare, but HBO stayed with it, and eventually they both caught on. They really stuck the fork in too soon with this one..
  • About 6 years too late.

    I felt like revising my review due to not being happy with it, so here goes again...

    Could you imagine how well this show would have come off had it been released several years ago when reality TV was just taking off? A reality show within a show, with some talented actors on HBO where the envelope is allowed to be pushed, torn up, and spit on? It would have been something, that's for sure.

    But no, it's 2005; an era saturated full of every Dick and Jane who gets their own show. At least they're interesting. Valerie Cherish wasn't. Even the character that the reality show churns her out to be in the final episode is a tired cliche. And a good majority of us know all the secrets behind reality TV at this point in time, so The Comeback said absolutely nothing new, therefore making everything just dry, unfunny, and somewhat annoying. The limits of the network were barely even tested. This easily could have been a VH1 mini-series with a few edits.

    The only real positive thing I have to say is that Lisa Kudrow did a really good job in her portrayal of Cherish and injected her what little personality she could. Too bad that just wasn't enough.
  • Lisa Kudrow - as Lisa Kudrow - is playing out her life in a not-so-reality-but-made-to-be-documentary-believable premise, moving from an old hit show (not Friends) over to the present-day red carpet, as she begins her comeback in an insultingly belittling

    Occultically binding; being the natural quack that she is - as we saw her play out on Friends - this show [and role] is perfect for her transition. Initially, I wasn\'t sure whether it was a documentary, or fictional documentary, \'cos she is just that good - naturally - at playing the off-the-wall character in everything. You do begin to symptahize with her belittling on the show, but then you also feel embarrased for her, as she relentlessly proves to be the female Larry David. Simply put, it\'s awesome, and you must see it. You\'ll love to hate the fat writer, then you\'ll block her gay stylist off your mind, and then just smile sheepishly at her not-here-not-there husband. Then back to Lisa; she\'ll make you doubt your confidence. Absolutely surprised people rated it this low, and I am a tough critic, trust me.
  • What the heck! I'm so angry that the show ended so fast!! Not even one season? They cancelled this amazing show with lisa kudrow and they kept all the other crap thats on TV.. .thats a shame, and Friends, fans wanted to see Lisa Kudrow again

    The Comeback didn;t interest me alot at first..but it keeps getting better and better through each episode. I might have doubted it potential at first since the format was so new and unexperimented but I've really hvae taken a liking on the sho and am loving it.
    It's a fine comedy which also makes you sad in a few parts without it ever being serious! Lisa Kudrow is an amazing actress, she really makes me feel like she IS Valerie Cherish and also in the sad parts makes me feel sooooo sorry for her. Give this show a try and you wont regret it!
  • Valerie Cherish stars in a reality show documenting her return to TV.

    I'm so sorry to hear that this was cancelled already.

    Lisa Kudrow did an INCREDIBLE job with this character. There were so many times that you actually believed that she was Valerie, and that she was a total moron with no social skills. If you enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm, or Meet the Parents, or those characters that make you uncomfortable because of their actions, than you seriously need to check out The Comeback, because I felt awkward the whole time.
  • Comeback \"The Comeback\"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This was one of the greatest shows in years and I can\'t believe HBO cancelled it. Lisa Kudrow was wonderful and really stept beautifully away from her \"Friends\" years. I have such new respect for her as an actor and writer. The rest of the cast was just outstanding and fun to watch. I do have to say when I saw the ads for it it was confusing and I didn\'t want to see it but, is that the shows fault or HBO\'s? I really wish this show would comeback in some way, maybe on Showtime after another great new show,\"Weeds\", or as a movie. \"The Comeback\" was just incredible and didn\'t get what it was due. An outstanding show like this gets cancelled but \"Joey\" gets a second season? Well, \"I Don\'t Want To SEE THAT\"!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It was a sad day for HBO when Sex and the City finished. On the other hand, The Comeback, and especially Liza Kudrow are fantastic. Must see.

    It was a sad day for HBO when Sex and the City finished. On the other hand, The Comeback, and especially Liza Kudrow are fantastic. Must see.
    Hopefully it will come back next season.
    Kudrow has proven that there are ways in which sitcom stars can divorce themselves from previous roles and start new ones better than before.
    Watch it and judge for yourself.
  • What a great way to make fun of Reality TV!!

    I have to admit that the only reason I watched the Pilot Episode was that Lisa Kudrow was the star of the show; she is a really great and funny actress so I took the chance...
    Anyway, I liked the idea of the show because it was like dark comedy and Drama, yes, DRAMA!, Valerie Cherish wasn't a likeable character but you still felt sorry for her, and you tended to side with her throughout the episodes... The antagonists are the entire media, it seems that everyone is against Valerie, especially Paulie G. but she somehow manages to come out with dignity (except with the big cup cake incident)... Then, there's Mickey, what a funny sidekick!, always at Valerie's side, supporting her; and of course Jane, Mark, Juna, Esperanza, every little character has something good to add to this awesome show; I'm hoping for a second season, this show is kind of addictive and if the fake "Comeback" got one, then why not the real one??
  • Conclusion: Not Tivo worthy.

    I really like Lisa Kudrow's past work. Now I'm having reservations about her comedic talent. Her constant forced smile on this show is painfully distracting. The concept of the show has a 'copy cat' feel to it. Shouldn't I be laughing at least occasionally or once during an episode? Love the other HBO shows but this one is a bomb from every angle. A half an hour is a valuable thing to waste.
  • I love this show. A lot. Even though some people hate it because it's so different from Lisa's work on friends, I am actually a fan of both.

    This show is ahead of it's time. The comedy is dark and uncomfortable, but easily enjoyable if you want to give it a chance. As for Lisa, she is the only actress who could've pulled this off. Only a brilliant actress like herself could portray Valerie Cherish in such an...awkward way (which is how she should be played). You almost feel sorry for her because she is so out of the loop, and a tad over-optimistic. It's a shame that people are not giving this show or Kudrow a chance, because it could go down in history as a cult classic that gets canceled but then everyone scrambles to get it back. Do me a favor: if you didn't like it the first time you saw it, sit through it one more time. Think about Valerie Cherish's position in the show and how hard it must be for Kudrow to capture it. You could end up appreciating TV magic.
  • Wow, this show really came a long way it's first season!

    Great season finale! This show is really different, and very refreshing for it\\\'s brave sense of comedy. Lisa Kudrow deserves and Emmy if only for the Palm Springs episode, when she threatened that hilarious Navigator Guy, and Paulie G! Michael Patrick King has struck again! I hope there is a season two.
  • It started off slow, through no fault of Lisa Kudrows', but that of bad writing. By the end credits of the season one finale started rolling, not getting a second season would be a crime.

    For me at least, "The Comeback" is what will define Lisa Kudrow's career. The title character, Valerie Cherish, is perfectly portrayed by Kudrow, and after watching a few episodes, it felt like you were in fact watching a reality show, instead of just the portrayal of one.

    The show started off slowly, mostly by bad writing rather than bad acting. As often happens with new series, some moments were overplayed to the point of tedious. But by the middle of the season, things had indeed picked up.

    The way that Valerie Cherish is naive and sweet, but with a dark alter-ego, makes it worth watching. The subtle, and no so subtle ways that she looses control of her bubbly persona, and the way that although she is still smiling, her eyes show just how hurtful a comment was makes the character seem all the more believable.

    While the show seems quite shallow with somewhat stereotypical supporting actors, during the season you realize just how complex they are, such as the great portrayal of Valerie's husband (played by Damian Young).

    Don't just dismiss the show as a cheap rip of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", as was the ill fated, and frankly disappointing "Fat Actress". This is one underrated beauty that could in time, assuming HBO gives it its blessing, be the gem in Lisa Kudrow's crown.
  • Lisa is better than this material.

    This show is sad. It's not funny, really. The core of the show is that of a sad, middle-aged, desperate woman in a bad wig trying to hold on to her dignity. Mostly she fails. Mostly the show fails. Ludrow is a good actress and a fine comedian but something is off. I think the show would fair better if the producers did away with the reality tv show conceit. Just make it a show about a famous actrees, the way Murphy Brown was a show about a famous news anchor. Remeber how Sex and the City threw away the direct addresses to the camera a la Ferris Buller after season one? C'mon HBO. You're slipping. Rome? Carnivalle? Deadwood? No, no, no.
  • An ambitious show that can be brilliant.

    This show succeeds on many levels but mainly thanks to Lisa Kudrow's performance as Valerie Cherish. She is onscreen almost 99 percent of the time and she acts her but off. I know it is different and sometimes doesn;t know exaxtly what it wants to be but if you followed it through the summer like me, you found that it had some fantastic moments. Essentially what it boils down to is a parody. It makes fun of reality tv, bad sitcoms, and just the overall absurdity of what is on tv lately. I think that it really proved itself in the end and desrves a second season.
  • If you like Lisa, dont watch it! I cant express this enough, if you are a friends fan as I am then stay away from this as this! You wont regret it!

    Sorry Lisa, I really tried. For 6 episodes I sat and hoped that the show would suddenly change but it didnt. The show seriously lacks humour and manages to bore the viewer more than I thought was possible. It isnt just as a regular bad show where you just dont find it funny or interesting, this show makes you angry and upset. On the brightside it makes you think and wonder, it makes you wonder who would approve or come up with such a concept and manage to air it on national television!

    Lisa you could do so much better!

    It would be suicide to do a season 2.
  • Congratulations from Italy! Not one of the best, but...

    ...Lisa Kudrow it's simply fantastic! I love her and the show it's great (need a bit of attention on the first episodes, but it's ok).
    Then the idea of filming a reality show about an actress who does her job, and transform it into "The Comeback" sitcom it's terrific!
    Congratulations from Italy!
  • i hate people who hate this show soooo deal with it!!!

    most people say they dont like this veryyy underappreciated show.well u no what 4get about them losers they must have no idea of what a great show this is.they never give it a chance 2 throw its magical talent on them well 2 bad 4 them caz there missing out on the best experiance of there life.well enough bout those people lets tlk bout the show.the thing that makes this show so great its that shes soo bad its funny u no.the plots are very origanal and its not copyin any other show.i give it 2 thumbs ^.
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