The Comeback

Season 1 Episode 3

Valerie Bonds With the Cast

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 19, 2005 on HBO

Episode Recap

"I'm lucky enough to be thrown into the center of not just one but two great shows," Valerie announces to the reality cameras. But at Room and Bored's first script reading the following day, she has trouble finding Aunt Sassy's lines. Thankfully there are a few, like when she gets to tell Juna and Shayne that she was stood up by her latest blind date--after which they are instructed to make "poor, pathetic Aunt Sassy faces" by show runner Tom. Valerie plays along gamely, then offers to take her co-stars out for their first "cast bonding lunch." But when Juna pulls a no-show, they are left with awkward silences.

Life seems to be going better back at home, especially when Mark's daughter Francesca asks her stepmom to drive her to school. Valerie is genuinely moved by the request - so much so she offers to do a "personal video diary" for Jane, who reminds her that this might make Francesca late for school. For her part, Francesca seems more interested in bonding with the camera crew, which is forced to compete with another reality show ("Switcheroo!") when they arrive at her school.

Juna offers to take Valerie to lunch to make up for her no-show, then arrives 40 minutes late, only to disclose that Room and Bored is her very first acting gig. Valerie takes the opportunity to offer the starlet some sage advice about fame, success and the need for them to watch out for each other, because "the tabloids are gonna come gunning for us." When a paparazzi emerges from the bushes, Valerie reaches for her lipstick. "He's been trying to get my attention for a while," she says. The man calls out to Juna, who covers her face in embarrassment as Valerie looks on in disbelief. Her rock band is "kind of known in LA," Juna explains. Valerie works her way into the photographer's shot anyways, refusing to play poor, pathetic Aunt Sassy anymore.
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