The Comeback

Season 1 Episode 6

Valerie Saves the Show

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jul 17, 2005 on HBO

Episode Recap

When Room and Bored premieres to disappointing ratings, Valerie tries to keep the cast and crew upbeat, even surprising the writers with a late night cookie delivery. She gets a surprise of her own when she arrives to find Paulie G. simulating a crude sex act on another writer - who is pretending to be her. Ignoring the offense, Valerie cheerfully drops off the cookies, then tells Jane and the camera "that's all just part of the creative process."

Mickey, upset after Juna offers to fix him up with a gay man, asks Valerie whether she "outed" him. The next day, when Juna brings up the writers' offense (Mickey filled her in), Valerie does her best "all in good fun" smile as she blinks away her embarrassment. Shayne, suddenly disgusted with all the "sex talk," announces that she's a offended and leaves the room. "I don't think Jesus would approve of reality shows," she tells Valerie later, explaining why she no longer wants to appear on The Comeback. When Valerie suggests that maybe Jesus might approve of reality shows -- "He allows them to happen, after all, and he's put this one in your path" - Shayne reconsiders, taking Val's advice to use the reality show to show the reality of her Christian life.