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The Comic Strip

Season 1 Episode 51

The Waterscope pt 1/Misty Marvelous

Aired Unknown Nov 16, 1987 on
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The Waterscope pt 1/Misty Marvelous
Misty Marvelous

Typhoon Toad announces that Misty Marvelous is looking for a group to sing backup for her. When they ask about the job at WRIB they find out they are working for nothing and are a little disappointed. They need some “wet threads”, so they go to Manny for some used clothes. He tells them he will rent them the clothes for 50 seed a night. To earn some seed the Frogs try to sell newspapers and magazines at a newsstand. They end up offending the people they are trying to make a sale with. They also do some other jobs, but don’t make any seed with those either. When they go back to Manny he says they can get the clothes if they do a little free advertising. When they get to the show they find out they won’t be on stage. The Street Frogs do a bunch of antics to get on stage. After the show they are upset because they have to pay for the clothes and that nobody believes they sang back up for Misty Marvelous. They say they are through with show biz until Typhoon Toad announces that the Packrats need an opening act and head for WRIB.moreless
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