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  • Season 7
    • Sex Actually
      Sex Actually
      Episode 9
      Angie and Luccio move into a quiet road and discover the previous occupants suffered a mysterious death (involving a waterbed). The mystery deepens when their furtive neighbours are revealed to be part of a wife-swapping circle containing a conceptual artist, a shadowy figure, a severe businesswoman, an estate agent called Roy, his dreadful wife Jane and a county court judge.moreless
    • 1/4/00
    • 4/12/98
    • Jealousy
      Episode 6
      A jealous husband is consumed to the point of madness with suspicions about his wife's extracurricular activities.
    • Demonella
      Episode 5
      A struggling music producer accepts a song from the Devil that is guaranteed to win him riches and fame. In exchange, he must obtain his mother's top-secret chicken soup recipe so the Devil can impress finicky dinner guests in Hell.
    • 5/13/93
      In this none-too-subtle parody of the film The Silence of the Lambs, a rookie police cadet falls prey to the sexual allure of imprisoned cannibalistic serial killer Dr Ghengis; meanwhile, aspiring serial killer Gregory Dawson makes a video diary of his botched attempts to stalk and imprison a woman in his homemade torture chamber.moreless
    • 5/6/93
      Two escaped convicts hide in a country house owned by two women.
    • 4/29/93
      Beautiful space aliens on a mission to repopulate their planet use their feminine wiles to capture healthy, intelligent specimens of Earthmen as sex slaves. It's up to decidedly non-feminist secret agent James Blond to shut down the Space Rats' baby factory and free Earth men from unspeakable sexual oppression.
    • In a sequel to The Bullshitters, Bonehead and Foyle are called in to solve a 70s-style murder. Unfortunately, so are 70s detectives Shouting George of The Weeney and Jason Bentley of Department Z, and 90s Northern detective Dave Spanker.
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