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  • A flawed - very flawed - series of comedy movies that began in the eighties and is still going, sort of, today.

    I recently purchased the DVD boxed set of all the Comic Strip movies. Whilst i cannot say that I should demand my money back, I was not over impressed.

    A large number of these films were of low quality, not only in the obviously low budget production values, but in the obviously contractually obligated scripts.

    What happened guys? Was it closing time at the pub, and you suddenly remembered you ahd a script to present to Channel 4's head of comedy on Monday?

    Even the ones I did find myself laughing at, twenty plus years after the fact, were funny either because Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson just were funny all the time, or because the fondly remembered Five Go Mad, or Mr Jolly Lives Next Door, or Dirty Movie etc took me back to a time when that kind of thing was pretty new and different, and I was young and wide-eyed and actually thought that life wouldn't turn out to be crap (now THAT's funny).

    The recent ones - Four Men In a Car, Four Men in a Plane, were just not funny. Not at all. And these guys were being paid to make these shows, and were given a budget to make the show. I mean for goodness sake, I could have got more laughs by videoing my cats.

    When these shows were at their best, they were very good. But the very good ones constitute about thirty per cent of the total.

    Here's a list of the bad ones that I can think of:
    Didn't You Kill My Brother?
    The Yob
    The Strike
    Eddie Monsoon, a Life
    The Beat Generation

    and here's the kicker - Bad News wasn't funny. I watched in in horror and disbelief - it's just some blokes messing about. There's obviously very little in the way of the script. Nigel Planer revives his Neil character from The Young Ones because apparently that's all he can do other than the Filthy character from Filthy Rich and Catflap.

    Very sad.

    However the good ones are obviously:
    Dirty Movie
    Five Go Mad in Dorset
    Five Go Mad on Mescalin
    Mr Jolly Lives Next Door.

    And patchy:
    A Fistful of Travellers' Cheques

    Feel free to disagree, but the Comic Strip is definitely not worth a second look.

  • Hope this helps

    I can't figure out how to get this info to who needs it, but this is what I know. The main stars were basically from the Young Ones. In fact I think this show predated. Each show was a different story so the following played differnt parts in each episode. Adrian Edmundson, Nigel Planter, and Rik Mayall. The fourth was the guy who The Young Ones "Mike" was based on. His name escapes me but his is mentioned on the Young Ones DVD extras. As is, I believe, more info on the show. Mine is packed right now so I'm afraid I can't be any more help there. I did see a list of guest stars somewhere around this site, but I can't find it now. I do remember Dawn French and Jen Saunders in some eps.

    I remember it being very funny, and I hope it sees the light of DVD. Young Ones and Bottom made it, so I don't see why this one can't.