The Comic Strip Presents - Season 3

Channel 4 (ended 2000)


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  • Eat the Rich
    Eat the Rich
    Episode 3
    Fed up with oppression and exploitation at the hands of upper class society, disgruntled waiter Alex gathers a small band of Sherwoodian outlaws to stage a revolution against the rich. Together, they lay siege on an elite-eating establishment, dishing out revenge with a creme sauce when they begin serving up the most sought after cuisine in the nation. Standing between them and their vision of a new Britain is the brutish new Home Secretary Nosher Powell.moreless
  • Private Enterprise
    Episode 2
    When a toilet paper delivery van driver and small-time con man chances upon a demo tape by a defunct no-name band, he decides to pass himself off as a rock musician, in his most enterprising money-making scheme yet.
  • 1/1/86
    In this parody of Rebecca a young bride arrives at her husband's vast estate to find that she is left to fend for herself, at the mercy of a mysterious and sinister Spanish maid who she suspects does not have her best interests at heart.