The Company

Season 1 Episode 1

Hours 1 & 2

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Aug 05, 2007 on TNT

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  • Interesting but moves at a slow pace

    I have only watched Episode 1 of this series, and have enjoyed it. It is interesting seeing the workings of the CIA in post-WW2 Europe. The production values are very high and there are certainly some big name actors on show. But so far I have found the whole affair a little slow paced. I shall stick with the series and see how things work out.

    Actually the second hour of the series is a little faster paced, but still found it a little hard to get into. The real backdrop of the Philby, McClean & Burgess scandal is especially interesting. But I found the BBC series Cambridge Spies better done.
  • Cold War? Anything new to say? You bet!

    Wow. It is nice to see Michael Keaton back in something, and doing a great job. The entire case on this mini-series is fantastic. Chris O'donnell and all the rest of the players on this show have far exceeded my expectations. It was really odd watching them with their 'heavy' make-up to make them look old... at least I hope that they are using makeup to make themselves look old, if not, Chris had better start taking better care of himself!

    The story takes place in the cold war. Everyone is a spy, or untrustworthy and these are the guys hired to take care of the U.S.

    I wasn't too sure whether I would like this or not, being an 80's child myself. Back then, everything was a bloody cold war movie, etc. Did I really want to revisit the same tired old storylines? I tell ya, I am so glad that I did.

    This is a fantastic drama that I will definitely watch through every episode.