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  • The definitive espionage thriller

    If someone were to ask me to choose the ultimate espionage thriller, "The Company" would be my choice. This three-part miniseries thrusts you into the inner workings of the KGB and the CIA at the height of the Cold War and the results couldn't be more exciting. There are many things to enjoy here. The performances are top notch and some of these actors' finer work. Especially noteworthy are Alfred Molina as 'The Sorcerer', Chris O'Donnell as Jack McAuliffe and Michael Keaton as Jim Angleton, all members of the same group, but often at odds with each other. The plot is thick and enjoyable with scenes of action, intrigue and conspiracy on top of conspiracy that leads through a winding road of confusion, much like the characters in the film. Characters that you see pass through the years and learn a lot along the way. The film takes you through the trenches of battle, into the halls of power on opposite sides of the world and is a sobering look at war and reminds us that a cold, silent war is no less a deadly one. Although watching this film is a long term commitment, the payoff is great.
  • Very good show, original. Too bad it's only available for TNT viewers.

    Wonderful actors, especially Michael Keaton who is between obsession and too much pride. As always Alfred Molina is outstanding. I love seeing everybody smoking all time (I heard Disney is trying to remove every cigarettes in its production !!). The subject might be sensitive (the Hungarian revolution, cuba), but it's well done. The personal stories are also greats, with some twists, but it was expected with spy stories. The last episode is sad, at the end of theirs lives, all that for that. Was it worth it ? I'm still wondering if Sasha's wife commited suicide because she knew her husband worked for the other side or because the marriage was at the beginning an assignment ?
  • Is this the best TV show ever or what! I think it is until anyone convenes me otherwise.

    In the many years I watched TV in I have never felt the urge to writing a review before watching this masterpiece. It was a brilliant combination between a grate writing, directing, sound track, and acting. And I have to congratulate Chris O'Donnell, Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, Rory Cochrane, Alessandro Nivola and Natascha and all the remaining talented actors who helped creating this masterpiece on a job will done, you have restored the glory of acting in this industry after it was massacred by many stomach disturbing actors. And I would like to spicily thank Mr. Michael Keaton as he literary gave me the goosebumps in the last episode in his speech where you can see the details of his frustration in the way he was playing with his liter and the way he flickered his fingers when he said "This information was not given to me in a silver plate. I teased them; I teased them from the wilderness". I really hope that we will see more of him soon.

    Finally I can only hope that the industry will follow TNTs foot steps and try to choose good actors as they did. And they should stop milking there franchises until they make you regret the day you stared watching there shows and pray for it to end in each long season they through at you.