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TNT (Mini-Series 2007)





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  • Is this the best TV show ever or what! I think it is until anyone convenes me otherwise.

    In the many years I watched TV in I have never felt the urge to writing a review before watching this masterpiece. It was a brilliant combination between a grate writing, directing, sound track, and acting. And I have to congratulate Chris O'Donnell, Michael Keaton, Alfred Molina, Rory Cochrane, Alessandro Nivola and Natascha and all the remaining talented actors who helped creating this masterpiece on a job will done, you have restored the glory of acting in this industry after it was massacred by many stomach disturbing actors. And I would like to spicily thank Mr. Michael Keaton as he literary gave me the goosebumps in the last episode in his speech where you can see the details of his frustration in the way he was playing with his liter and the way he flickered his fingers when he said "This information was not given to me in a silver plate. I teased them; I teased them from the wilderness". I really hope that we will see more of him soon.

    Finally I can only hope that the industry will follow TNTs foot steps and try to choose good actors as they did. And they should stop milking there franchises until they make you regret the day you stared watching there shows and pray for it to end in each long season they through at you.