The Company

TNT (Mini-Series 2007)



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  • The definitive espionage thriller

    If someone were to ask me to choose the ultimate espionage thriller, "The Company" would be my choice. This three-part miniseries thrusts you into the inner workings of the KGB and the CIA at the height of the Cold War and the results couldn't be more exciting. There are many things to enjoy here. The performances are top notch and some of these actors' finer work. Especially noteworthy are Alfred Molina as 'The Sorcerer', Chris O'Donnell as Jack McAuliffe and Michael Keaton as Jim Angleton, all members of the same group, but often at odds with each other. The plot is thick and enjoyable with scenes of action, intrigue and conspiracy on top of conspiracy that leads through a winding road of confusion, much like the characters in the film. Characters that you see pass through the years and learn a lot along the way. The film takes you through the trenches of battle, into the halls of power on opposite sides of the world and is a sobering look at war and reminds us that a cold, silent war is no less a deadly one. Although watching this film is a long term commitment, the payoff is great.
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