The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley - Season 1

NBC (ended 1988)




Episode Guide


  • The Irving Who Came To Dinner
    Ed's friend the famous songwriter Irving Cohen gets evicted by his conartists landladies, and goes to live at Ed's place. But Mr. Freebus loses his temper at Cohen, and kicks both him and Ed out. Then the landladies recruit Ed to help them with their latest moneygrabbing scheme.
  • Eddy, We Hardly Know Ye
    Ed is in the hospital to have his tonsils out, and gets a roommate - A Mr. Lionel Talbot, who happens to be a werewolf (in to have a wart removed). While Ed flees from Mr. Talbot, Miss Malone overhears a nurse talking about a dying plant and thinks she means Ed. When Miss Malone gets Martin Short to make a public announcement about Ed being deathly ill on TV, everyone else thinks Ed is dying too.moreless
  • Eyewitness Ed
    Eyewitness Ed
    Episode 11
    Ed accidentally helps apprehend a thief at the market when going to pick up some hot dogs. When the violent criminal, Stewart Bingle, escapes, Ed is placed in the Government Protection Program and disguised as a playboy millionaire. But Bingle tracks him down anyways and tries to kill him. Will Ed survive? Meanwhile back in Ed's apartment, who will win the armwrestling competition, Miss Malone or Mrs. Freebus?moreless
  • Blowin' In The Wind
    Blowin' In The Wind
    Episode 10
    Ed gets swept up by a freak tornado and deposited in Kansas, where he meets an odd assortment of characters who bear a striking resemblance to those found in "The Wizard Of Oz." Ed must help Em and Henry start a dairy farm to pay off the evil Elvira Gooch, and in return they promise to lend him the money to get home.moreless
  • Driver Ed
    Driver Ed
    Episode 9
    At a suggestion by Mr. Freebus, Ed volunteers to teach Miss Malone to drive. But they get in a horrible accident...and don't survive. Now Mr. Freebus is the only one who can see and hear their ghosts - and they want him to take care of their lives.
  • Good Neighbor Ed
    Good Neighbor Ed
    Episode 8
    Ed wins the "Why I Like My Neighbors" essay contest. In order to claim a trip to Hawaii, Ed must provide the contest company with a photo of himself with his neighbors. But the Freebuses are fighting and Dierdre skips town before Ed can get the photo. Meanwhile Miss Malone has trouble at her job and Wendell has issues with bullies at school. Will Ed be able to get everyone together before the deadline passes?moreless
  • Moby Is Lost
    Moby Is Lost
    Episode 7
    Right after Moby's phychiatrist tells Ed that Moby needs excitement in his life, Moby gets accidentally taken on vacation by a family, and winds up in the ocean. Ed charters a boat to go after him, and must contend with a shark (as well as a very strange captain). Will Moby choose his new freedom or his old life in Ed's apartment?moreless
  • Grimley, P.F.C.
    Grimley, P.F.C.
    Episode 6
    Ed goes to return a book to the library for Miss Malone and accidentally winds up signing up for the Marines. Ed winds up replacing the cook, and impresses comedian Bobby "Doodles" Dawson with his tuna casserole so much that Dawson invites him to be his personal Paris. But then Ed winds up on stage when Dawson's straight man quits, and becomes France's new King of Comedy.moreless
  • Crate Expectations
    Crate Expectations
    Episode 5
    It's Miss Malone's 25th birthday, and she's depressed about her age. To cheer her up, Ed wants to give her a toaster oven - unfortunately Some Assembly Is Required. When Ed goes to the factory to get help with the assembly, they mistake him for an assembly technician. But Ed can't assemble anything...Meanwhile, Miss Malone wishes she'd never been born and is granted her wish by her guardian angel Jim.moreless
  • Ed's In Hot Water
    Ed's In Hot Water
    Episode 4
    The Freebuses are going out of town and Leo puts Ed in charge of the apartment complex. But when Ed goes downstairs to fix a leaky pipe he gets sucked down a drain and winds up in the ocean. He washes up on an island and meets up with a famous woman aviator whose plane went down on the island over forty years ago. Can they escape from the island before the Freebuses get back?moreless
  • E.G., Go Home
    E.G., Go Home
    Episode 3
    Ed takes Wendell to the new amusement park Future Land, but they wind up at a space research center, where Ed is mistaken for a general. Ed and Wendell get on a rocket thinking its a ride and wind up in outer space, then land in Earthland, an amusement park on another planet. Ed and Wendell get dragged before the King and Queen, and their lives depend on Ed's ability to doctor a bad tuna casserole. Paprika to the rescue!moreless
  • Ed's Debut
    Ed's Debut
    Episode 2
    The Philharmonic Orchestra's triangle player has come down with a rash, and it's Ed's chance at the Big Time. The problem? The Philharmonic think they're getting Ed's music teacher Mr. Muldane, not Ed Grimley, the Worst Triangle Player In the Universe. First Ed oversleeps, then he must track down his missing tuxedo, then he gets thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit. Will Ed ever reach the Concert Hall?moreless
  • Tall, Dark & Hansom
    Ed has agreed to fill in for his cousin Lemar Grimley, driving his hansom cab at the Grand Bilt Hotel for the day (though he must deal with the reluctance of the horse, Leonard). Later at the racetrack, Leonard falls for a pretty filly but is rejected, and Ed suggests they enter the race to impress her.moreless