The Complex: Malibu

Season 1 Episode 5

Episode 5

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 17, 2004 on FOX

Episode Recap

Last week, we watch Karl & Kim get moved to Upper Complex, and the teams faced their third challenge. Feelings were hurt, alliances were broken, and strategies were made to stay in the game. Apartment 1 lost yet again, and Karl & Kim were evicted.

Apartment 1, after the Lumberyard visit, the team is talking about taking chances because right now they are thinking "inside the box".

Apartment 3, everyone is celebrating their latest victory, but Barney & Rose just want to win so they can rub it in Brad & Lew's faces.

Next day. Oh look! Mail! This week's challenge is to redo the living room. The total budget is $14,000. $11,000 cash, and $3,000 Sears Giftcard. Plus, rollover money from last week and Apartment 3's $2,000 reward for their victory last week. The teams have 5 days to complete it. Time to get to work.

Lower Complex is deciding on who should be property manager. They decide Ana should do it again.

Upper Complex quickly decides that Steve should be property manager.

Apartment 3, Brad & Lew are deciding on what to do. They don't think they need to be much physical labor, besides a new floor.

Apartment 2, everyone is planning. Scotty had a vision that they should bring a taste of Georgia to the living room, but Sam isn't agreeing. She thinks it's too elaborate.

Apartment 4, Ana is discussing how she wants things done. She wants the ocean view to be a big part of the room. Barney wants a waterfall put in, despite the fact there's an ocean view right outside the window. Barney & Rose are arguing about how Barney isn't her boss and he can't tell her what to do.

Apartment 2, the team is talking about how they went wrong with last week's design, and they go searching online for a TV.

All 4 teams are working hard ripping up the floors and doing other work.

Apartment 4, Dave doesn't want to go shopping with Ana, so Barney & Dave decide to go. They get lost on the way. Back at the apartment, Ana & Rose are getting nails out of the floor. Barney & Dave return with good news. They got a jacuzzi, a stripper pool, and a couch. Ana is nervous about what they bought and if it will be good or not.

Apartment 1, Scotty & Sam are talking about Steve & Nicole, and that they have to win.

53 hours left.

Apartment 1, Steve is getting some wall design up.

51 hours left.

Apartment 4, the team is getting the floor put in. It turns out the last floor board broke, so Barney couldn't finish it.

Apartment 3, Brad & Lew are talking about picking up things at the store. So they go, and while Brad is talking to the guy at the counter, Lew got distracted when he noticed some adorable little kittens that were for sale. The total at the store: $859.09. Brad & Lew get back and Barney is expecting Lew to have picked up the flooring for him, but since Lew got distracted with the kittens, he completely forgot.

46 hours left.

Apartment 2, Sam is complaining about how the frame on the wall isn't even and demands it to be redone.

Apartment 4, the team is going through bags and picking out what they want. Ana thinks Barney & Rose have a phobia against Brad & Lew. (Maybe they're homophobes?)

41 hours left.

Apartment 1, Steve is doing some chores around the house while he waits for Nicole to get back. Sam & Nicole get back, and Steve notices there's more things for Sam's apartment then there are for Nicole's, so maybe the shopping process is a bit lopsided.

40 hours left.

Apartment 4, a knock at the door. Barney answers it, and it's te furniture! ana doesn't seem too pleased with what Barney & Dave picked out.

38 hours left.

Apartment 1, Steve & Nicole are talking about what they have and haven't done.

37 hours left.

Apartment 3, Lew is saykng how a lot of work still has to be done: the floor and the walls.

Apartment 4, we find out that Rose still has confidence in what she's doing, and Barney thinks they'll be done by tomorrow.

36 hours left.

Apartment 2, the team is discussing what has to get picked up at the store. If they lose again, Steve is going to go nuts.

28 hours left.

Apartment 1, we watch Steve & Nicole getting ready in the bathroom. Steve expresses concern that they're not goi ng to get the furniture done and they're behind.

Apartment 3, Lew and the team got the floors done. But there's still more to be done. Lew is trying to get the painting done, get the baseboards put in, and make the bookshelf.

Apartment 4, everything is about done. They're ahead of schedule, relaxing, and loving every minute of it.

25 hours left.

Apartment 1, Sam wants to stay home and not go shopping, but Steve basically orders her to go. Nicole has lost her self confidence because they're losing every week.

Oh look! A surprise visit from our host, Tyler Harcott. He asks Steve to round up everyone from all 4 units and bring them to the coldesac. Everyone gets together. Tyler gives out the 24 hour warning. Now it's "time for a lesson in teamwork." Tyler tells the teams that they will move out of their current apartments and move into their teammate's apartments. They have 24 hours to finish their teammates' work. Steve & Nicole can only work on Apartment 2. Scotty & Sam can only work on Apartment 1. Barney, Rose, Dave, & Ana can only work on Apartment 3. Brad & Lew can only work on Apartment 4. They can act as advisors about their original plan, but they can not do any physical work in their former apartment.

Upper Complex, everyone in Apartment 3 is mad about this whole idea and they don't like it. Brad & Lew wanted to do certain things in Apartment 4 that they know Barney, Rose, Dave, & Ana can't do. Plus, there's no way to explain it to them. So they've just dropped those parts of the project. Barney doesn't like that Braw & Lew could now claim most of the work they really didn't do in Apartment 4.

23 hours left.

Upper Complex, the teams are discussing what has to get done on their apartments. Sam & Nicole go shopping, and it doesn't go as well as they had hoped.

Apartment 2, Scotty & Steve are working on painting and discussing how they would love to see Brad & Lew explain what has to get done in their apartment to Barney, Rose, Dave, & Ana.

Apartment 3, Brad is modifying the plan so Barney, Rose, Dave, & Ana will be able to finish it.

Apartment 4, they got their couches & rug. Ana didn't really like what they picked out. She wants there to be a beach look to it. But instead, they got a room that looks like it was stolen from a home in the '70s.

16 hours left.

Sam & Nicole are back from shopping, and Steve is apologizing to Nicole for being so grouchy.

Apartment 3, the team is moving in the couches and rugs.

Apartment 2, Steve is talking about the huge disadvantage they have for being one couple short. Nicole is feeling stressed.

4 hours left.

Meanwhile, Barney & Rose are making predictions on which apartment will win. Of course, they think they will.

2 hours, 46 minutes left.

Everyone is working hard on getting everything done.

27 minutes.

1 minute.

TIME'S UP! Everyone is told to step outside. Only the Lower Complex will drop off their eviction notices. Time for the judges to go to work.

Apartment 1 Judgement, the curtains are a little too short, and it would be beter to bring the room together as one, instead of having it as two seperate parts.

Apartment 2 Judgement, the judges love the binds and window treatment, but not how when sitting on the sofa you're looking at the TV instead of the ocean view.

Apartment 3 Judgement, the judges like the contemprary area, but they don't like the detail. They think it would work for a prison reception area, but not Malibu.

Apartment 4 Judgement, the judges like the color of the floor but the sofa (the one Ana didn't like) is no good.

Apartment 4, Ana & Dave are talking about Barney & Rose. Ana thinks they are close-minded and their fear of Brad & Lew is annoying. Meanwhile, Barney & Rose think Dave's feelings for them are real, but they're not too show about Ana.

Apartments 1 & 2, there's lots of tears flowing, hoping they win.

Time to go to the Lumberyard. One final eviction...


Apartment 1

$14,000 - Budget
$3,477.72 - Rollover
$12,691.18 - Spent
$4,786.54 - Remaining

Apartment 2

$14,000 - Budget
$3,390.21 - Rollover
$14,483.09 - Spent
$2,907.12 - Remaining

Apartment 3

$14,000 - Budget
$3,738 - Rollover
$2,000 - Reward
$14,471.25 - Spent
$5,267.34 - Remaining

Apartment 4

$14,000 - Budget
$3,414.87 - Rollover
$11,363.05 - Spent
$6,057.82 - Remaining

As always, money not spent this week will move over to next week. Time to reveal who added the most and least value.

Most Value Added: Apartment 1

They finally did it! But who's up for eviction? Brad & Lew are asked to stand. Despite their great skills, Barney, Rose, Dave, & Ana have put them up for eviction again. A quick and sneaky high five is exchanged between the 4.

Steve, Nicole, Scotty, & Sam are asked to stand. Since there's only 2 couples left, they can't vote. So the couple at risk will be determined by a random draw. There are 2 shovels. 1 with Steve & Nicole's name on it, and one with Scotty & Sam's. Brad & Lew will pick a shovel. Whichever couple's shovel is picked up, that couple is at risk for eviction. If Upper Complex loses, Brad & Lew will take the evicted couple's place. They pick the shovel with Steve & Nicole's names. They're up for eviction. Scotty & Sam have been spared and can sit down.

Words are exchanged between the teams. If the room that added the least value is in Upper Complex, Steve & Nicole are evicted. If the losing room is in Lower Complex, Brad & Lew will go.

The living room that added the least value is the living room in apartment.....


Brad & Lew are evicted. Their hard work and creativity didn't pay off in the end. The couples left have survived the final eviction. It's now every couple for themselves. They each have 3 weeks to finish the remaining rooms: the deck, second bathroom, kitchen in Apartments 1, 2, and 3. And the second bathroom, kitchen, smaller deck, and thirs bedroom in Apartment 4.

But, in the Lower Complex, there are 2 couples in Apartment 4, while Apartment 3 is empty. So one of the couples: Barney & Rose, or Dave & Ana will have to move to Apartment 3. Since Ana was this week's property manager for the Lower Complex, she gets to choose a shovel. Once again, there are 2 shovels. But this time, one has an X on it and one is blank. If Ana picks the shovel with an X, she gets to choose whether to stay in Apartment 4 or move to Apartment 3. If she chooses the blank one, Barney & Rose get to choose.

Ana draws a blank shovel. It's Barney & Rose's choice. They decide to stay in Apartment 4, so Dave & Ana move to Apartment 3.

Brad & Lew knew their eviction was coming. They regret having Barney & Rose as teammates because they suck out a lot of the fun.

What will happen next week on The Complex: Malibu? Now that it's every couple for themselves, anything for happen.