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    [1]Sep 14, 2006
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    ok. i expressed my thoughts/opinion regarding the ebo/stewart fight in a previous post. after watching stewart once again play the role of punching bag vs grady, i can only further that opinion. the first minute of the first round was the only real competitive effort stewart put out. yes, he did land an 'occasional' shot or 1-2, but he never fazed grady. there were a couple of replays during the fight of stewart landing his so called "go to sleep" punches, but grady's eyes are always clear, and he never lost control of the fight. in fact, stewart is lucky that grady didn't knock him out.         so..........i gotta go back to ebo putting the same sort of whupping on stewart. if/when espn reruns ebo/stewart watch ebo closely. he was in total control of that fight, then quit punching. it's so obvious. something stinks.................

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    [2]Sep 14, 2006
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    I see what you are saying but don't agree that 'something stinks' other than just what Ebo said...'I'll be fine unless he gets me with a lucky punch." Which is just what Stewart did. Ebo's hands did lower ans stop punching and he was winning all the rounds but it was jsut that slpit second that Stewart was looking for. In the fight with Grady, it showed Stewart really should not have won that fight with Ebo because he was clearly over matched with Grady and again was trying to look for that lucky punch like with Ebo...but it did not come! Grady kept up the pressure and unlike Ebo did not let down his guard and get Stewart a chance for a cheap shot....and that is why Grady won.
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    [3]Sep 14, 2006
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    stewart caught him with a punch that sent ebo stumbling back to the ropes....i believe because of this ebo was fazed which led him to drop his guard and getting caught....up to that ebo oviously controlled the fight
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    Ebo punched himself out. Of all the fights you can claim were rigger I don't think this is one of them. The Gary Vs. Bravo fight is another story. They were both great fighters but it seemed like Gary didn't do anything at all.
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