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Reactions to the Finale!!!!

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    That was deifinately not the Bravo we've seen in the show, and because of that he took a pounding and should get a CAT scan after K-9s sledge hammers landed flush time and time again.  Although the main event wasn't electrifying like season one, at least two of the three judges got it right and it went to the true winner.  Grady performed his gameplan perfectly and had Forbes missing a lot of big shots...ones he hadn't missed during the show.  I trust Teddy Atlas more than anyone when it comes to scoring because he's so unbiased in his love for boxing.  Teddy's scorecard was in line with the first judge (97-93)....really don't know what fight the second judge was watching with a (96-94) for Forbes.  I think they really need to go to 5 judges instead of 3 to really weed out those who have favorites and put it down on paper!  Good Luck to all of the contestants on this seasons show....Hey....when are we going to see HEAVYWEIGHTS!!!!!!??????

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