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  • The Wire without the wire

    Written by David Simon and David Mills and directed by Charles S. Dutton, The Corner tells the story of the junction of West Fayette Street and North Monroe Street in Baltimore; where corner boys sell dope, five-o's keep rolling in and the McCullough family tries to survive from day to day.

    After watching The Wire and Treme, it was a bit hard for me go back to the beginning of David Simon's TV career and check out The Corner. But turns out, it has most of the same elements as his other shows. It's well written, even though the plot is much about just following every day life of the dope fiends. It's realistic, at times documentary (as it is based on true events). The acting is superb, every single character you see on screen is portrayed fantastically by the talented cast - and there are plenty of characters. The only weakness I'd say, is that The Corner is a miniseries, and Simon's work has always been good when it's stretched out over a longer period of time.

    If you like The Wire, there's no reason not to check out The Corner. And come on, who wouldn't want to see Clarke Peters (Det. Lester Freamon from The Wire) as a dope fiend?
  • I was in to drugs I have 10 years clean the movie was very good to watch for people that are out there and for people to learner not to do drugs i would like to watch it again i would like to have the dvd of it.

    When i seen the movie on the 6 episodes it was real good we didn't miss the movie at all so we would like to see it again because it took me back to win i started using made me realize that i had more in life then to use i'm so glad that i have 10 years clean to show my my loved ones that there is more to life than to get high my kids keep me going and my husband the love of my life.and one day at a time.