The Cosby Mysteries

NBC (ended 1995)


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  • The Cos solving crimes = Wonderfulness

    I remember when this show was on, TIME magazine had an article about the number of elderly sleuths on TV at the time (there was Andy Griffith/Matlock, Angela Lansbury/Jessica Fletcher, Dick Van Dyke/Dr. Sloan, and Bill Cosby!) "The Cosby Mysteries" was a (too) short-lived series centered around a retired detective who kept getting called in on cases. It had a great cast around Cosby, who proved to be very adept at switching to a more dramatic role after years on "The Cosby Show." Fortunately, the show allowed for some Cosby trademarks - comedy and jazz. It was a light show, but it definitely had a darker streak than some of the others in its genre. It was infinitely better than Diagnosis Murder and it came around right at the time that Murder, She Wrote was beginning to fade.
    I believe the show was filmed in New York, which added to the feel. Rita Moreno, James Naughton, a young Mos Def and Lynn Whitfield provided support. Unfortunately, it didn't catch on and vanished pretty quickly from the schedule. Too bad...Cosby made for a likeable, charismatic detective, and his banter with the cast was great. I hope this turns up again in reruns soon. I have a VHS of the 2-hour pilot movie, but none of the series. All of the technology-heavy procedurals on now make me long for detective shows where detectives used deduction and brains to solve crimes, not computers and equipment!