The Cosby Show

Season 8 Episode 25

And So We Commence (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1992 on NBC

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  • The family gathers for Theo's graduation, after FINALLY getting enough tickets. At the ceremony, Cliff thinks back to when Theo was less mature (the pilot). He's discouraged that each name isn't individually called. Nevertheless,Theo finally graduates. Th

    I've always liked this episode, though it is sad that the show had to end. It was good to see some of the minor cast members come back for this episode, and it was a funny show. I liked how they encorperated footage from the pilot, 8 years before. The best part was the signature ending, when Cliff and Clair walk off the set and out of the studio. That was classic, just like the show is.
  • This was a great series finale. The Cosby show was a show that almost everybody grew up on. In the final episode everybody is going to Theo's graduation which turns into a huge ordeal seeing as Theo doesn't have enough tickets. A very memorable episode.

    In the Final Cosby Show episode, Cliff is ready for Theo's college graduation. While everybody else prepares for their lives. Like Olivia who with Theo (dropping her off) is going to Singapore to spend time with her Father Martin and Denise (who left the show the previous season). All the characters are all going to Theo's graduation, Sondra, Nelson, their family, Cliff's parents, Clair's parents, Vanessa etc... We also see that Vanessa is in a relationship with Dabnis. However the Family is embarassed when Cliff brings beach chairs for the Graduation. Kenny however decides to give the Huxtables tickets from his Older brother. Rudy does mutter Bud one final time.

    During the graduation Cliff is remembering the First Episode where Theo said he would never go to College. Remembering how he was so immature and how he raised him right. It was so great to see the character evolve from a immature kid to college graduate. Then the graduation ends and we see all the characters leave. Which is funny because the graduation is so quick.

    The last scene is my favorite. We see Cliff's parents tell him how proud they are and that they should have a dinner party next week as the leave the Huxtable front door. Cliff agree's and we see Theo walk downstairs. Cliff tells Theo to have a good time at a graduation party. The finally throughout the last season Cliff had trouble fixing the doorbell. So what Cliff does is he fixes the door bell and we hear a nice melody. Clair is amazed and they dance to this melody. However what I found out was not rehearsed was that Bill Cosby (Cliff) told Phylicia Rashad (Clair) that they were going to dance off the stage. So they did this while the camera's were rolling and danced off the stage.

    That was great! The live studio audience was clapping as Bill Cosby and Phylicia Rashad were dancing off the stage toward the exit. Then we saw the rest of the cast members walking toward the Exit as the Camera's rolled. It was an original ending! It was my favorite ending in sitcom history. Bill Cosby is a genius! He wrapped up his story with style.

    Although Rudy only got 1 or 2 lines, the Last episode was great. Bill Cosby showed us why he was America's favorite sitcom Father for 8 years. It was great to see a show with originally a mother and father and 5 kids, to develop to this huge cast. The Episode was great! If only more Finale's could be like this!! Great show!!! The Great thing about this show is you could watch re-runs of this show and never get tired!!!