The Cosby Show

Season 8 Episode 25

And So We Commence (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • OK, how come Carrie and Al Hanks all of a sudden decide to come out of hiding? Not to discredit Theo graduating from college, but don't you think they should also have been there at the hospital for Sondra's delivery of their great-grandchildren? Where have they been all this time?

    • After Cliff rings the doorbell for the final time and the peppy jazz music begins, he and Clair appear to break character. While they dance, Clair mumbles, "Is he looking at us?" most likely referring to someone offstage.

  • Quotes

    • Kenny: My brother says that if you can't do somethin' nice for a neighbor, don't bother livin' next door.
      Rudy: All right, Bud!

    • Grandpa Huxtable: Anybody seen Theo?
      Pam: Left side of the park, 48th row, 18th man in!

    • (After everyone has gotten up from their seats to go home)
      Cliff: (Stands up, sits back down) Oh, look, I've graduated.

  • Notes

    • Bill Cosby is the only cast member to appear in every episode of the series.

    • The beginning of this episode features a brief recap of part 1 "On the last episode, the family gathered for Theo's graduation..."

    • Part 2 features the regular season 8 opening, unlike part 1, which has a new montage opening.

    • Denise is the only Huxtable child that doesn't appear in this episode, although she does call and say that she is having a baby.

    • At the 1993 Young Artist Awards, Gabrielle Carmouche (Deirdre) was nominated for Best Young Actress Guest-Starring in a Television Series; and Raven-Symone was nominated for Outstanding Actress Under the Age of 10 in a Television Series.

    • At the 1993 NAACP Image Awards, Bill Cosby won the award for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy.

    • When Cliff becomes upset that the graduates merely stand up to receive their diplomas rather than cross the stage, he stands up and sits down three times as a joke. Could this be a subtle reference to the fact that Dr. Cosby has three college degrees of his own?

    • At the end of this episode, Cliff and Clair walk off the set and out the studio door.

    • The episode includes extended clips from the pilot episode.

    • After this episode aired, The Simpsons saluted the series by showing Homer and Bart watching the show on TV.

    • The closing credits feature publicity photos of the cast, as well as shots of Bill Cosby with each of the kids.

  • Allusions

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