The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 22

Andalusian Flu

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 02, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

Cliff catches the flu from Clair, and they are both confined to bed. Theo volunteers to take charge of the household. He spends all of his time making lists and forces Vanessa and Rudy to do all of the work. Whenever they protest, he makes them feel guilty by reminding them of their parents' condition. The repairman and his new assistant keep a previous appointment to fix the banister. The hammering annoys Cliff and Clair as they try to sleep. Theo's girlfriend, Lana, comes over and tries to help with the chores. Theo insists that she shouldn't do this, as she is a guest. Vanessa and Rudy grow tired of working while Theo does nothing but give them orders. They stage a revolt and head upstairs to complain to their parents. Clair declares herself well and resmues her household duties. A delirious Cliff forces Theo to listen to stories that don't make any sense. Theo tries to trick him into signing off on a new sports car.