The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 22

Birthday Blues

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 1989 on NBC

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  • On the eve of their mothers 46th birthday, Claire is humorously aggrivated by her family to counteract the possible grief from getting older.

    I thought this was a very charming episode for the show, with Claire being lovably tormented by her family over her turning of 46, one of my favorite jokes involving the "Coz" putting up a sign that says "happy 64 birthday", and when she points it out he apologizes and flip the 6 upside down so it says "94".

    What really makes this a charming episode though is the end. With a very long sequence after Claire aluding to one of Heathcliffs more common torturings where he buys here a whole cake and watches her eat it and that she was "glad he didnt do it this year." So Heathcliff puts on a jazz record, walks into the kitchen, and comes out with the cake. Then, he leaves and comes back in with a second cake, and then a third. All the while miming humorouse "ooooohh take this" motions at her. It's very charming and it required no speaking at all.

    Like i said a very special episode all around, filled with classic Cosby humor.
  • A Cosby Classic

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It's Clair's birthday. She's 46 which is interesting because Cliff is already 50 and they're only supposed to be a year or two apart in age. Past episodes have implied this. Anyway, after enduring the teasing from both the kids and Cliff, Clair treats herself to some pampering at the spa/salon where she meets one of her girlfriends and they giggle about how women should both look and act their ages.

    Back at the Huxtable residence, a sign is waiting for Clair which reads, "Happy 64th Birthday" which Cliff quickly apologizes before changing the magnetic numbers to read "Happy 94th Birthday" which gets a good laugh.

    Theo, Vanessa and Rudy put on a skit titled, "When Mom was My Age" complete with music from the different eras, authentic costumes, hair, and makeup.

    Placido Domingo guest stars in this episode and Clair is serenaded for her birthday by one of the world's greatest tenors. He sings bits from "Amor Amor Amor" a classic Spanish love song that's been covered by many artists (see iTunes) and "Beseme Mucho" by Andrea Bocelli. If you're a woman, you'll be swooning right along with Clair and her friend.

    The show ends with one of the most entertaining non-dialogue scenes in the entire series. After Clair thanks Cliff for not buying one of those cakes with the white icing and strawberries, he proceeds to put on some music ("Look at This" by Grover Washington Jr) and returns from the kitchen carrying one of the said cakes. With much eye rolling and classic "Cosby Face" Cliff tries to get Clair to eat but she refuses. He takes the cake back to the kitchen only to return with TWO, then THREE more cakes. Clair finally breaks and, together, using nothing but a pasta serving spoon, they devour the cake with white frosting all over their faces and a kiss.