The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 17

Calling Doctor Huxtable

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 12, 1987 on NBC

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  • Babies on Board, No Smoking Please!

    This is a classic episode I remember well. Vanessa entertains two girlfriends upstairs in her room. Theo is left in charge when Cliff gets called away to the hospital. The three delivery room situations are quite entertaining with a nervous grandpa-to-be, a couple on their way to becoming the next Bob and Michelle Duggar and Hispanics who don't speak English so the resident shadowing Cliff must translate.

    Meanwhile, back at the Huxtable residence, Vanessa's friend announces she's going to smoke and lights up much to the chagrin of her host. Theo and Rudy walk in and catch them. Theo tells Vanessa she's going to be in so much trouble because when he and Cockroach tried smoking Cliff "yelled so loud I still have cracks in my bedroom

    There's a sweet scene illustrating good parenting when Cliff returns from work and Vanessa confesses what happened. Cliff cuddles her on the couch, reassures her it's OK, she's only 13 after all, and relates what really happened when he caught Theo and Cockroach smoking. He got mad because they tried to hide the evidence and outright lied to him, "Oh, we've just been eating some really strong beef jerky!" Vanessa giggles along with the viewer.

    The final scene has been a long time coming as Phylicia Rashad, who just gave birth to a baby girl, no longer has to hide behind stuffed animals and under covers to share a romantic scene with her on-screen hubby. Bill Cosby cleverly uses his own body and Clair is wearing a long robe to hide the baby fat she hasn't lost yet as Cliff dances her upstairs to end yet another sweet and wholesome episode of everyone's favorite family sitcom.