The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 17

Can I Say Something, Please?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1989 on NBC

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  • Another life lesson learned

    It all started with Rudy's video party. Her friends pressure her to go against Cliff and Clair's rule about watching R-rated grown up comedy and horror movies. Rudy pops in one of these types of videos and is caught when Clair walks in the door. Her friends are sent home and Rudy tells her parents it's not fair. She exits to do her homework and Cliff and Clair discuss this issue in the kitchen. Are they being too strict? Cliff tells Clair about trying chewing tobacco for the first time and learning his lesson. Fans of Bill Cosby's comedy albums will recognize this as "Mr. Ike & the Neighborhood TV Set" story.

    Later that night, Rudy presents her parents with a list of rules she feels are unfair. Bedtime is first on the list. Cliff and Clair relent and tell Rudy she can stay up as late as she wants from now on, as long as it doesn't interfere with her schoolwork and daily routines. Rudy woops and runs downstairs to watch Johnny Carson and eat junk food. She pays the price the next morning as Cliff makes her go to school. Staying up late consecutive nights in a row begins to take its toll on Rudy as she is cranky and unable to do her homework. When Cliff invites her to join him one night for more all night TV and munching, Rudy finally crashes.

    The episode ends in a very sweet scene as Cliff carries his exhausted daughter upstairs.