The Cosby Show

Season 5 Episode 17

Can I Say Something, Please?

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 09, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Cliff and Clair are talking about Rudy and their rules and mentioning the other children, Clair said that Sondra dropped out of law school. But at this point in the series, she has not yet attended law school as she announced in season 4's "Call of the Wild."

    • A bit nit-picky here. Rudy says that her friends have seen movies like Porky's, Porky's II, and Porky's Revenge and they tell her they're hilarious. What parents in their right minds would let 9 year old children watch R-rated movies like the Porky's series?

  • Quotes

    • Clair: Rudy, why don't you go upstairs and do your homework, honey. I'll check in on you at 9:30. Be ready for bed.
      Rudy: (grumbling) 9:30! Why can't I stay up past 9:30! And they say it's a free world, HA! That's what they think. It's a free nothing!
      Cliff: It's free because we pay for it!

    • Vanessa: When I was your age, I always wanted to stay up past my bedtime, but I could never figure out how to do it. You went to Mom and Dad with your list, and they changed it. Way to go!
      Rudy: Come on! What are you really doing? You're making fun of me, aren't you?
      Vanessa: No, I mean it. I'm really proud of you.
      Rudy: I don't believe it! You came here to laugh at me because I'm tired. Well it won't work!
      Vanessa: What's the matter with you?
      Rudy: Don't play dumb with me. I know what you're really doing here! The whole family's setting me up to fail. Kenny told me. He said you're going to try to teach me a lesson. You don't think I can stay up. Well I'm on to you sista! You're the ones that are going to look like fools, see! Yeah, when I pull this off!
      Vanessa: You know what your problem is? You've been staying up too late watching too many of those old gangster movies.
      Rudy: I'll watch what I want, when I want! And you palookas can't stop me! I've been in tougher fixes than this! And you can just take your phony smile and hit the bricks!
      Vanessa: (gasps in astonishment) Hit the bricks?!?
      Rudy: Yeah, scram, baby! (Vanessa leaves the room as Rudy goes back to her desk) They're not going to take me alive, yeah!

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