The Cosby Show

Season 1 Episode 19

Clair's Case

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 1985 on NBC

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  • A Cute Episode

    Everything about this episode is what makes the Cosby Show such a squeaky clean series. Take the very first opening shot of an exhausted Rudy passed out on her father's chest and Cliff equally zonked out. Clair takes a picture. She couldn't resist.

    Clair has been very busy on a case. Sondra's home from college for a quick visit; apparently she took her car to a mechnic for a repair, he ripped her off, so, what with Clair being a lawyer and all, they're taking him to court.

    This leaves Cliff in charge of cooking and housekeeping. He grosses the family out with his "exotic" mystery meat dishes and gives the kids lessons in bedmaking and mopping "navy style" which involves sliding Rudy across the floor as they "shovel-turn-slap" their way to happiness. Try watching that scene without smiling, I dare you!

    Cliff's in the courtroom watching the trial and is joined by a stranger who is a fan of Clair. They do a play-by-play running commentary during the trial and Cliff stays mum about being related to the lovely attorney. During recess, Cliff can't resist asking Claire out like they were strangers meeting for the first time, "And after that I was thinking maybe we could get married?" the other man can only gawk because his name isn't Bill Cosby.

    Oh, and Clair pretty much wins the case for her daughter.
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