The Cosby Show

Season 7 Episode 12

Clair's Liberation

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 1990 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • This is the first mentioning of Theo's friend Cockroach since the season four episode "Dance Mania" (which was the character's last appearance). It would be the last time he was mentioned for the rest of the series.

    • Clair sets the chairs for dinner adding the two high-chairs for Winnie and Nelson but when they sit for dinner where Cliff and Clair are playing a joke on the kids, the twins aren't there or in the living room anymore.

    • Clair picks up the cups and asks the twins what they want: milk, water or juice. One of them clearly answers, "Juice," and yet she takes them water.

  • Quotes

    • Clair: "Cliff...there are three idiots in the kitchen."
      Cliff: "You have to be a little more specific than that."

    • Cliff: "I'm just saying that a woman can have babies longer than a man can play football."
      Clair: "Go to sleep, Cliff...'cause you're gonna need a helmet if you keep talking."

    • Cliff (handing Clair 3 cards): "I didn't know which one to give you."
      Clair (looking at each card): "Happy Graduation...Congratulations on your promotion...Thanks for the wonderful time?"
      Cliff: That's for tomorrow morning

    • Cliff: "You want 9 girls? What are you going to name them all?"
      Olivia: "1 Olivia, 2 Olivia, 3 Olivia, 4 Olivia, 5 Olivia, 6 Olivia, 7 Olivia, 8 Olivia, 9 Olivia."
      Cliff: "Ohhhh, name them all Olivia...what if you want one of them? How do you call her?"
      Olivia: "Olivia! 1 Olivia, I just need 1 Olivia!"

    • (Still having fun with Theo, Vanessa and Pam)
      Clair: "I can't quit crying!"
      Vanessa: "Don't worry about it, Mom. They have tear duct specialists for this."
      Clair: "My tear ducts are fine. It's my children who are so STUPID!" (laughing) "Gotcha!!"

    • (Clair and Cliff are having some fun with Theo, Pam and Vanessa, with Clair pretending that menopause has taken over)
      Theo: "Here, Mom, here's some corn."
      Clair (starting to cry): "But I wanted something orange!"
      Theo: "I'll get you something orange. I'll get you something orange!"
      Clair: "No, it's too late! It's too late."

  • Notes

    • Sabrina LeBeauf, Geoffrey Owens, Lisa Bonet, Joseph C. Phillips and Keshia Knight Pulliam do not appear in this episode.

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