The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 10

Clair's Toe

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 05, 1985 on NBC



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    • (Looking at the X-Ray)
      Cliff: Look, look at this. Right here. See that?
      Theo: Oh, wait a minute! That looks like a hair.
      Cliff: That's right! This is called a hairline fracture of the promixal phalanx of the fourth toe. Understand that?
      Theo: That's cool!
      Cliff: All right, it is!
      Clair: Will the two of you please take my foot someplace else and leave me alone?
      Cliff: Okay. You want to take it to school and show it to your friends?

    • (After Clair wins the smooth contest)
      Denise: Hey, you know what? I think it was the cane that did it. This thing is great!
      Clair: You like this? This belonged to your great-grandfather. He once twisted his knee saving a child from an oncoming train and the parents were so grateful, they bought him this hand-carved cane (sees a label) that was made in Hong Kong?!? (Mockingly sneers at Russell before moving to hug him)
      Cliff: Come on dear. Let's go to dinner.

    • Cliff: That's it. You're going to the emergency room.
      Clair: What if they tell me it's broken?
      Cliff: If no one tells you it's broken, and it is broken, how will you know it's broken?

  • Notes

    • The made-up word "zrbtt" began in this episode when Rudy was teasing Vanessa during her studying. It was used other times in the the future to mean that sort of "wet kiss" that the Huxtables gave (e.g. Rudy and Cliff).

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