The Cosby Show

Season 1 Episode 24

Cliff's Birthday

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

As a special birthday present for Cliff, Clair arranges for the whole family to attend a performance by Lena Horne at her nightclub. Because Cliff has a long history of discovering his present early and bragging about how he outsmarted them all, Clair concocts an elaborate scheme to trick him. Theo is not included in the plans because Cliff can easily manipulate him into revealing the truth. Clair and the kids pretend to prepare a huge dinner for Cliff, and allow him to catch them in the act. Clair pleads with Cliff not to let on what he has seen, but he taunts her. He is stunned when he comes to the dinner table to discover a pizza. The family then blindfolds him and takes him to the club, where the Huxtables sit at Ms. Horne's personal table. She dedicates a song to them, and talks to them in her dressing room after the show. Denise is inspired by Ms. Horne's words about family and decides to revise the gloomy song she had composed for the school choir.