The Cosby Show

Season 3 Episode 9

Denise Gets a D

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 20, 1986 on NBC



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    • Denise: In high school, my teacher watched me work very closely. He supervised my work, told me how to do my work and that's why I passed high school. In college, the professors just give me an assignment, say "Do it", and then don't say a word about it until it's due.

  • Notes

    • On the collectors edition DVD volume 9, Bill Cosby talks about the dangers of drugs in the opening of this episode.

    • On the original version of the episode, the end credits of this episode are somewhat longer in length, and the opening rendition of the music is used (it is somewhat longer than the normal closing rendition).

    • While discussing the difficulties of college, Clair actually says to Denise, "It's A Different World", which would be the title of this series' spinoff that would debut starring Lisa Bonet the following season.

    • Dr. Hughes was later a recurring character on A Different World, where she was dean of Hillman College.

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