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  • Season 8
    • Cliff's Wet Adventure or Thanksgiving at the Huxtables
    • You're Not a Mother Night
    • Pilot Presentation
      Pilot Presentation
      Episode 26
    • The Cosby Show: A Look Back
      In this two-hour special, cast and crew members and frequent guest stars reminisce about their experiences on the show; and discuss its impact on the sitcom genre and the way it re-shaped society's perceptions of African Americans. Celebrity fans also share their feelings about the series.
    • 4/30/92
      Denise calls and announces that she is pregnant. Kenny manages to get a hold of the last three tickets the Huxtables need to get all their guests to the graduation. Vanessa confuses everyone by calling Dabnis "honey." As the ceremony begins, Cliff thinks back to a time when he feared that Theo would never live up to his potential. Cliff becomes upset to learn that the students graduate by section, rather than being called to the stage by name. With everyone out of the house that night, Cliff and Clair share a dance.moreless
    • 4/30/92
      Cliff drives Theo crazy by inviting everyone he knows to Theo's graduation. Olivia gets ready to leave for Singapore.
    • 4/23/92
      When Kenny lies to Deirdra about planning her birthday party, he asks Rudy and Cliff to help him cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Cliff believes that all of his "Dependants" will net him a large check from the IRS.
    • 3/26/92
      Cliff and Clair go to a radio station to attend a live performance as part of the Pan-American Music Festival. Cliff is ecstatic about the opportunity to meet many of his favorite musicians and see them in action. Kenny agrees to babysit Olivia, but cannot get her to eat her carrots. Theo comes over to check on things, and finds that Olivia has left Kenny so worn out that he can barely stay awake. Theo sends Kenny home, and ends up falling asleep on the couch.moreless
    • Rudy's Retreat
      Episode 21
      Cliff and Clair realize that the baby of the family has morphed into a hormonal teenager. Elvin and Sondra fret over who would take in their children, if he and Sondra were to die suddenly.
    • Clair's Reunion
      Episode 20
      Clair and several college friends meet to plan a retirement dinner for their old philosophy professor, Professor Capel. The women first compare notes about their "ungrateful" children before reminiscing about their college days. They recall Professor Capel as a stimulating but extremely challenging woman who always had very high expectations for her students. The women remember the terrifying and exhilarating experience of taking part in a demonstration at a lunch counter that refused to serve blacks. Professor Capel took part in the demonstration and urged the women to hold their ground. She then instructed her substitute to fail the women for the day because they had skipped her class to go to the protest. Meanwhile, Olivia and Winnie have a sleepover. Olivia convinces a bewildered Cliff to get a "touch-up" at her make-believe beauty salon. Vanessa brings an exchange student from Senegal, who does not speak English, home for the weekend. Cliff dislikes the guy because he still misses Dabnis.moreless
    • 2/13/92
      Theo decides to turn down his job offer and go to graduate school. Cliff is pleased, as he did not want his son to move across the country. As a school project, Olivia and Marlon plan to write about what Cliff was like at their age. However, they realize that his colorful stories are all lies. They call on Russell to tell them the truth about Cliff's childhood. Cliff finally impresses them with a true story about how he was pictured in the newspaper because of his work collecting tin foil for the war effort during World War II. Rahim finds a wallet containing 600 dollars at the community center, as one of their customers at a plant sale left it behind. He wants to keep the money, so Theo has the kids debate what he should do. He ends up returning the cash to the rightful owner, but feels like a fool because his family could have really used the money. He admits that his father would not have allowed him to keep it anyway. Theo convinces Rahim that he should be proud of his actions.moreless
    • Cliff Gets Jilted
      Episode 18
      Sondra and Elvin prepare for their housewarming party. They experience problems with the furnace and decide to move the party to the Huxtable house, much to Cliff's chagrin. Russell tells Cliff and Clair that he heard a rumor that Vanessa and Dabnis have set a wedding date. Cliff is very excited, as he really likes Dabnis and wants to have him fix stuff all the time. However, they instead tell Cliff and Clair that they have broken up. The couple asks that they keep this a secret, leading to many uncomfortable moments during the party as everyone welcomes Dabnis to the family. Vanessa confesses to her parents that she simply isn't ready to get married. Dabnis doesn't want to speak ill of Vanessa, but Cliff finally gets him to admit that he is annoyed by her habit of talking in convoluted metaphors instead of simply stating what is on her mind. Cliff is saddened by his impending separation from Dabnis, but does get him to repair Sondra and Elvin's furnace so that their family will get out of his house.moreless
    • The Getaway
      Episode 17
      Almost everyone is thrilled as the Tibideauxs prepare to finally move into their own house in New Jersey. However, Cliff refuses to get too excited until the move has actually happened. Elvin and a reluctant Sondra ask Cliff to watch the twins while they unload everything at the new house. The kids refuse to let Cliff take a nap. He finally plays hide-and-seek with them, and accidentally breaks the grandfather clock. The movers see what has happened, and save him by shipping the clock to a repair shop. Elvin returns for Nelson and Winnie. He tries to convince Cliff to sell him his station wagon, as he and Sondra will now need a second car.moreless
    • 1/30/92
      Clair goes away to a law conference in Washington, D.C. Everyone expects Cliff to follow his usual pattern of gorging himself on junk food while she is away, but he surprises them by serving a healthy dinner. After learning that some classmates are planning to take a cab to the school dance instead of being driven by parents, Rudy, Susan and Danielle decide to prove how "cool" they are by taking the subway. Cliff refuses to allow this, but reconsiders after Pam and Charmaine agree to ride with the girls both ways as they attend a movie in the area. Sondra drops by to see Cliff just as a take-out guy arrives with pizza, buffalo wings and ice cream. He still plans to eat everything, but Clair calls at that moment and makes him feel guilty by talking about trust.moreless
    • Pam fills in for Cliff's assistant on a Saturday. They must deal with Mrs. Minnifield, an extremely eccentric patient who has difficulty following Cliff's directions. Mrs. Minnifield calls Cliff to report her contractions much later than he asked, and he instructs her to take a cab to the hospital immediately. She instead has the cabbie stop at Cliff's house, and ends up giving birth in the car. Rudy, Stanley and Kenny prepare to work on a group project together. Kenny shows up with a girl named Deirdre and claims that she is his girlfriend. Rudy becomes jealous, but soon concludes that Kenny made the whole thing up just to get to her. Kenny feels guilty after learning that Deirdre has actually liked him for a long time. He apologizes to her and convinces her to give him another chance. He also apologizes to Rudy, and they agree to go on double dates.moreless
    • The Price Is Wrong
      Episode 14
      Pam drives her old babysitter, Mrs. Whitaker, to the market each Saturday. Mrs. Whitaker invites her friends to join them, and there are soon so many women on the excursion that Pam, Lance and Charmaine have to take them in shifts. The market has much lower prices and higher quality products than the outlet that the same company runs in the women's neighborhood. Word begins to spread, and everyone begins clamoring for transportation to the better market. Pam, Lance and Charmaine cannot possibly handle the demand, so they decide to organize a protest to force the company to stop its unjust practices. They realize that they cannot organize a boycott because many of their neighbors have nowhere else to buy groceries. They finally settle on buying all the dented cans at the shoddy store and taking them to the Brooklyn store for refunds, thereby creating chaos and driving away the regular customers. Unfortunately, the store learns of the plans ahead of time and is prepared for them. One of the women suggests paying for everything in pennies. This method proves effective, and the women decide to try it every Saturday until their demands are met. Pam, Lance and Charmaine are reluctant to sacrifice all of their weekends, but the women assure them that they can handle the protests on their own. The teens decide to continue helping them.moreless
    • Theo's Future
      Episode 13
      Cliff and Clair are thrilled when Theo is accepted to graduate school. They agree to continue paying his tuition. Theo and a friend attend a corporation's recruiting dinner for the sole purpose of filling up on free food. However, an executive is impressed with Theo's off-hand comment about the corporation's philosophy. He is offered the chance to fly to San Francisco and interview for a position that would pay $30,000 a year. He excitedly tells Cliff and Clair that the job would allow him to become the first one of their kids to stop sponging off of them. Although they often tease him, they assure him that they do not think of him that way. They consider paying for his tuition an investment in his future. Eugene, one of the kids from the community center, is upset to learn that Theo may take a job and leave them. However, Theo insists that he is merely keeping his options open. Meanwhile, Clair tries to stifle Cliff's habit of stealing the remote control while she is watching a program.moreless
    • Clair's Place
      Episode 12
      Cliff surprises Clair by finishing her room earlier than expected. Although it doesn't yet have furniture, Clair is thrilled to finally have some privacy. The kids grow depressed when Clair spends the whole day in the room. Pam, Rudy and Olivia initially claim that they need Clair's help to make Christmas cookies, but finally admit that they just have more fun baking with Clair. Cliff leaves Theo bewildered by trying to pass on the "tradition" of putting up the Christmas lights.moreless
    • Two Is a Crowd
      Episode 11
      Vanessa unexpectedly drops by for a visit, claiming that she needs some peace and quiet to study. Dabnis arrives a few hours later and shows Cliff and Clair a cryptic note that Vanessa had left him. He confronts her and notes her continued reluctance to set a wedding date. He reminds her that she was the one who pursued him, and wonders why she is now pushing him away. Vanessa apologizes and asks Dabnis to be patient as she deals with her fears about marriage. Kenny waits around the house all day, hoping to console Rudy after her break-up with Stanley. Stanley shows up first and boasts that he will mend his rift with Rudy. He wins her back by repeating Kenny's heartfelt words about caring and friendship (although Kenny had stolen the speech from Dabnis anyway). Kenny gets back at Stanley by tagging along on the couple's date. Meanwhile, Cliff works Clair's last nerve by dropping hints about the outcome of a book she is trying to read.moreless
    • 11/21/91
      Cliff and Clair invite famed singer Miriam Makeba to the house for dinner, and try to discourage the children from crashing the event. Olivia enjoys a visit from her father, but is saddened because he must soon return to the ship. She will not see him again for three months. Olivia disappears during Miriam's visit. While the others search the house frantically, Miriam finds Olivia hiding in the front closet. Olivia explains that she is trying to keep her father from leaving. Miriam takes her outside to talk. She tells her that everyone is very worried about her, and convinces her that she is lucky to have so many family members who care about her. Olivia agrees to go back into the house, and everyone poses for pictures with Miriam.moreless
    • For Men Only
      Episode 9
      Theo convinces Cliff to teach a course for young men at the community center. Cliff brings Olivia's doll to the class as a symbol of innocence, but the students misinterpret his intentions and assume that he is going to give a sex education lecture. This sparks a discussion about negative impressions of inner city youth. The teens feel that they are blamed for all of society's problems. A guy named Cal draws the ire of his classmates after he admits that he has fathered children with two different women, but rarely spends time with either his son or daughter. Another student declares that he plans to marry his pregnant girlfriend and get a job. Cal insists that he wants to provide for his children, but has no training and doesn't want to be stuck in a minimum wage job where he is treated like garbage. Cliff tries to help the guys take the necessary steps toward beginning careers. Meanwhile, Russell becomes hooked on a video game after babysitting Olivia and her friend.moreless
    • 11/7/91
      Cliff and neighbor Jeffrey supervise Olivia's class on a field trip to the museum. Theo organizes a fundraiser for the community center. He plans to put messages on T-shirts and sell them at street fairs. He believes that he has gotten a great deal on the shirts, only to discover that they do not have neck holes. Theo hopes to handle the situation himself, but Clair eventually steps in to save the day with her legal expertise.moreless
    • 10/31/91
      Russell learns of Vanessa's engagement through a friend who attends church with the Brickeys. The woman erroneously reports that Dabnis is 45 years old. Outraged, Russell and Clair's mother grill Dabnis when he and Vanessa come for a visit. He assures them that Russell's friend always gets him confused with his older brother. He informs the pair that he loves Vanessa and has a good job as head of maintenance. However, nothing he says seems to satisfy them. Vanessa constantly makes speeches about how happy she is, and vows to stand by Dabnis. The grandparents realize that Dabnis is a good man after watching him give Cliff some much-needed help with household repairs. After the whole family offers its blessing and inquires about the wedding date, Vanessa begins to panic.moreless
    • 10/24/91
      Sondra and Elvin get on Cliff and Clair's nerves by letting the twins constantly wreak havoc and generally monopolizing the house. Every time Cliff or Clair tries to object, Sondra and Elvin use the children to lay another guilt trip on them. Sondra is furious when Cliff builds a "fort" for the kids to keep them out of trouble while he cleans up their messes. Sondra and Elvin reveal that they will not be able to move into their house for sixty days. Cliff hopes that his parents will take in the foursome for a while, but Russell refuses to go for it.moreless
    • Rudy and her friends are determined to get into a 16-and-over club to see a birthday performance by rapper JT Freeze. They also hope to win a drawing and get to dance with him. Rudy tries to con her parents into letting her go by claiming that they will be going to a cultural center. Cliff and Clair learn the truth about the club from Lance, Pam and Charmaine. They admit that it is common for junior high kids to frequent the establishment; and explain that the only real threat comes from "old heads"--men in their late teens or early twenties who hit on the younger girls because they can't get women their own age. Cliff and Clair agree to pay the teens to go to the Exchange in disguise and keep an eye on Rudy. Lance scares away one of the "old heads" who repeatedly approaches the bewildered Rudy, Susan and Danielle. Pam ends up winning the dance with JT. She introduces him to the girls, who make fools of themselves. Rudy and her friends are forced to work at a retirement home as punishment for their deception, while Pam, Charmaine and Lance party with JT at his hotel.moreless
    • 10/10/91
      Pam is intent on attending the same college as Charmaine. She decides to apply to the same schools: Hillman, Bowling Green and the University of Pennsylvania. Charmaine doubts that Pam can meet the rigorous academic standards of these schools, but doesn't want to burst her bubble. The guidance counselor informs Pam that she has virtually no chance for admission, as her grades for all but one semester are terrible. She vows to find a way to get in, and takes the applications anyway. However, she quickly begins to doubt herself. Olivia tries to provide counsel while practicing her show-and-tell routine. Pam tells Charmaine that she will probably move to California after graduation to live with her mother and grandmother and study fashion design. The girls lament their impending separation, but vow that they will always remain friends. Olivia enters, and they all end up hugging each other while blubbering. Meanwhile, Cliff continues to interfere with work on the new kitchen. He tries to blame the children for a hole in the wall, but no one is buying it.moreless
    • 10/3/91
      Theo prepares for his first parents' night at the community center, and worries about how to handle parents whose kids are having problems. During a parent-teacher conference, he develops a mutual attraction with single mother Lisa. She asks him out for coffee, but he declines. He explains that it would not be in the child's best interest for the two of them to get involved. Lisa agrees that their relationship should remain professional. When Theo describes the situation to Clair, she shocks him by announcing that her clients hit on her all the time. Rudy meets Stanley at the open house and is instantly smitten. Stanley gets her phone number from Theo and asks her out. A jealous Kenny shows up at the house before Stanley in the hopes of sabotaging their date.moreless
    • 9/26/91
      Cliff surprises Clair by showing her plans for an addition to the house, a soundproof room where she could be free from the children and their demands. Cliff and Clair co-sign a loan for Sondra and Elvin to help them secure financing on their new house. Elvin suffers a panic attack after the papers are signed as he thinks about just how much money he will have to spend each month. Cliff tries to calm him by reminding him that he and Sondra are both successful professionals. Sondra and Elvin complete the final paperwork and move out of their apartment. Unfortunately, the couple selling the house suddenly files for divorce, complicating the sale and leaving the Tibideauxs homeless. They plead with Cliff and Clair to let them stay in the Kendalls' bedroom while Denise and Martin are in Japan. They lay it on thick, talking at length about the sleazy motel where they will otherwise stay and having the twins trudge sadly across the living room. Cliff and Clair let them stay, but abandon the idea of Clair's room because they feel they can never escape the children. They later decide to build an addition for the kitchen.moreless
    • With This Ring?
      Episode 1
      Vanessa stuns her parents by suddenly announcing that she is engaged. She has been engaged for six months, and has known her fiancé for a year without mentioning him to her family. She reveals that he is a maintenance man at her school named Dabnis Brickey. Vanessa brings Dabnis inside to meet Cliff and Clair. They are surprised to discover that he is in his late twenties. They reluctantly invite him to the family dinner that night, and are put off when he mentions his past relationships with several women. The conversation grows so uncomfortable that most of the family is ordered out of the dining room. Clair confronts Vanessa and demands to know why she kept her relationship with Dabnis a secret for so long. She believes that her daughter is in over her head, but Vanessa insists that she is really in love. Cliff assures Dabnis that they are not snobs; they would dislike him regardless of his profession. Cliff seems to reconsider his attitude after Dabnis reveals that he owns his own home--meaning that he and Vanessa would never move into the Huxtable house.moreless
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