The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 1

First Day of School

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Cliff goes in to check if Vanessa's up for school, Rudy is wearing a pink blouse and plaid pants. Later, she's sitting at the breakfast table wearing a white top and red plaid jumper.

  • Quotes

    • (Theo comes into the kitchen wearing a sweat shirt with the sleeves cut off)
      Cliff: Is that the shirt I bought for you?
      Theo: Yep.
      Cliff: Didn't it have sleeves on it when we bought it?
      Theo: Yeah, they're upstairs.
      Cliff: What, the sleeves didn't want to come down this morning?

    • Cliff: (to Theo) A vacation, son, is something you get when you have a job. Now don't get me wrong--I'm not saying you didn't work hard all summer. Because you did work hard. I've never seen anyone work harder at begging! Begging for money for pizza, begging to stay up later to chase little girls who didn't love you. And now son, I'm telling you now--you get a chance to rest now. (Theo falls back on the bed) You're going to...start school!

    • Clair: Now, what would you like for breakfast on this first day of school?
      Rudy: Cereal.
      Clair: Cereal what?
      Rudy: Cereal and bananas.
      Clair: Cereal and bananas, what?
      Rudy: Cereal, bananas, and milk.
      Clair: Cereal, bananas, and milk, what?
      Rudy: Cereal, bananas, a bowl.
      Clair: Cereal, bananas, milk, in a bowl...what?
      Rudy: (Counting on her fingers and then realizing what the right answer is) PLEASE?

    • Clair: Ooh, Rudy, you're gonna be a pretty first grader!
      Rudy: Thank you, I wrote my name.
      Clair: Let me see that...very good! You know I was married to your father 10 years before I could spell Huxtable?

    • Clair: It's your turn to wake the children. I woke them on the last day of school.
      Cliff: That is nothing. All you did was stand out in the hall and shouted "Last day of school!!" and the children next door were jumping out of windows!

    • (Cliff has to wake the children for the first day of school, knowing it is almost impossible.)
      Cliff: Last Day of School!
      (jumps against the wall)

    • Cliff: Is that what you are wearing to school, Rudy?
      Rudy: Yes.
      Cliff: Go in your room and change. You look like a fortune teller.

    • Cliff: Getting braces for you was not a form of punishment. If we hadn't, your mother and I would have a bigger house. And you would have teeth growing out of your ears.

  • Notes

    • Another variation of the opening theme was used for the 2nd season. This had a synthesizer instead of the saxophone and was shorter than the other version. This was used later in the the 2nd season in primetime but used mostly for the syndicated repeats, probably due to time constraints.

    • For the second season, the opening credits change from the park to a gray room with the cast dancing. The logo is now written in white block text.

    • During the end credits, there is a flash of a scene where Cliff is in Vanessa and Rudy's bedroom, once again fixing the shirt Vanessa is using to attract boys. This scene was cut for syndication.

    • Dedicated to Geoff Browne, the show's post-production supervisor during the first season.

    • Sabrina LeBeauf becomes an official cast member as Sondra, but does not appear in this episode.

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