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Base method? New Math?

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    [1]Jul 7, 2007
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    With the risk of looking like a complete fool, I have to ask this question.

    In episode Dance Mania, Vanessa is trying to teach Cliff about the "new math" - something about some base method. I went to school during the 80's and I was taught the "old math" carrying the number and such when adding. A search for that "base method" in Wikipedia gives no results.

    So my question is: Is that base method a real thing or something made up for the episode?

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    [2]Jul 25, 2007
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    I just did a search on Wikipedia myself and I did it under the search for New Math and the whole explanation comes up. It was basically devised during The Cold War to try and become smarter especially in the area of math than the Russians becuase of the fact that they were able to launch into space before we were, but most parents think that this way to learning is too confusing for their children. Basic arithmatic was taught to children first and then the new math way which is adding numbers with a base other than base 10. While it is more efficient to add numbers that way it is also harder and I think more annoying in the long run.
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