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My Review of the Season 2 DVD set for The Cosby Show

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    [1]Mar 9, 2006
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    So it's finally here. I got my copy yesterday and I finished watching all episodes tonight. If you are thinking about getting it, read on.

    The Good:

    Yes, these are the original uncut versions. After the setback from the season 1 DVD set, which had edited syndicated versions, it's good to know the powers in question did learn a lesson. This enough could be a good reason to get the season two set. Another mistake they didn't make this time is what happened with the closed captioning in disc 2 of the season one set, where captions were showing one episode behind. The set for season two has the correct captioning for all their episodes.

    Bonus features are decent. You'll get the bloopers for season two - most of them, but not all since I remember some that are missing in this montage - like when Theo greets Dr. Morgan and asks him "Have you ever met Theo?" referring to Cockroach. There is a montage about Cliff's parenting tips, which despite containing clips from the various seasons, it wasn't as good as I'd expect since there is so much material to choose from, but it wasn't bad either. Finally, there is an interview with director Jay Sandrich regarding the show. If you watch it, you may be surprised on how a few facts we think we know about the show, aren't really true. Or are they?

    The Bad:

    There are a few episodes out of sequence. For example, "Denise's Friend" is shown before "Clair's Toe". I think the final three episodes may be out of sequence too.

    There were some minor audio quality issues in a couple of episodes. In "The Dentist" static can be heard for less than a second during the opening theme sequence. This same static can also be heard in episode "An Early Spring" near the beginning of the episode when Cliff comes from taking Rudy for a bike ride. As I said, these last for less than a second so they do not interfere that much with enjoying the episodes, and it may be defect on my disc set. Another audio problem, which I don't think it's defect of disc production, is in episode "An Early Spring" where the opening theme sequence sounds a bit muffled, like an audio tape sounds when it gets wet. This only occurs during the opening sequence, not during the actual episode. With this said, I'd rather enjoy the original uncut episodes with these minor audio imperfections than watching edited syndicated versions with excellent sound quality.

    Just like with the season one set, DVD navigation is not very friendly and I have better luck flipping through the episodes using my PC than using my household DVD player. Unlike disc sets from other shows I've bought, the sets from The Cosby Show won't allow me to flip through the episodes without watching the ending credits for each of the episodes at least in fast motion. This is, for example, you can't just press the Next chapter button to skip the credit sequence from episode one and go to episode two. Also, if you can't watch all the episodes in one disc all at once and you have to stop the disc playback, when you resume playback, it will continue to play the current episode and then go back to the main menu instead of continuing with the next episode. These issues may be specific to my DVD player, but like I said earlier, they do not occur with DVD sets from other shows I've bought.

    My conclusion: If you didn't get the set of season one, you may want to get the one from season two as it is really worth your time and money. If you did walk into a store to get season one when it came, then you will want to run to the store to get season two.
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    [2]Mar 11, 2006
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    Thank you, good review

    I dont think I'm going to buy it
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    [3]Mar 29, 2006
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    I bought last Saturday and I'm loving it. I belive it is already better than Season 1. I love the bloobers. Those are really funny. The epiosde with Stevie Wonder ir a real delight to watch. I'm a big fan of him. I also like the DVD because I crack up laughing at they wore back then. Too funny!
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    [4]Mar 31, 2006
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    Just by reading the review I know it's better than Season 1. It's so awesome that it's the uncut episode this time around.
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    [5]May 2, 2006
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    The Cosby Show is just classy and funny. I can watch this show by myself and with my parents. I love it. I can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out.
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