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NBC (ended 1992)

What is The Cosby Show?

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    The Cosby Show is a great family show, we all know that. However, there is barely any mention of any serious situations and almost no foul language. Is such a show realistic? What are your thoughts on

    Your Name, Jk, don't actually put you're name on the Internet.

    1. Are you a liberal, left of center, moderate/middle, right of center, or conservative?

    2. Are the Huxtables a liberal, left of center, moderate/middle, right of center, or conservative family? Category wise, what audience is this program for, or is it for all families? Is it realistic?

    3. Mystery Show - There is another show on Nick at Night that is quite the opposite of The Cosby Show, which uses some racial jokes, some sexual jokes, and, more rarely though, foul language. What show is that and where does that family fall category wise? What audience is that show for category wise? Is it a family show and is it realistic? If you don't know what the show is, you don't have to answer this question.

    4. Any other comments like favorite character, what made The Cosby Show funny, favorite episode, favorite line, you've got too much time on your hands etc.

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