The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 31, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

While a reluctant Cliff dresses up to take Rudy and her friends trick-or-treating, Vanessa hosts a Halloween party. She is thrilled when Robert, who is considered the cutest boy in school, agrees to attend. Vanessa and Robert use their friends Janet and Scott as go-betweens because each is afraid to admit to liking the other person unless they know their feelings will be returned. Vanessa runs off in a panic after Robert says hello to her, but they eventually share a dance. She is so mesmerized that she accidentally drops a tray full of glasses. The humiliated Vanessa runs off to her room, but everyone comes upstairs to continue the party. Robert talks to her in the hall and asks her to go steady.