The Cosby Show

Season 2 Episode 3

Happy Anniversary

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 10, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Anna and Russell first start protesting against going on the cruise, one of their arguments is that they'll have to arrange for someone to pick up their mail and newspapers. Later on, when they change their minds and decide to go, Anna says, "We won't even tell them we're leaving. We'll just send a postcard." If they don't tell anyone they're leaving, how will Cliff know he's supposed to pick up their mail and newspapers?

    • I am a little confused about Anna & Russell's history: in this episode, as Cliff is presenting the portrait, he tells a long winded story about how Anna and Russell first met when he was a performer in an Army band at a dance Anna attended. But in Independence Day, Anna tells a story about how Russell tried to tattoo Anna's name on his chest when they were Theo's age, leading us to believe the couple were childhood sweethearts, like Cliff & Clair. Furthermore, when Cliff is telling the story about Russell in the bandstand, he says his father was a trumpet player, but in all the episodes where Russell performs music, he's called Russell "Slide" Huxtable because he plays the TROMBONE. We even see him play the trombone in "Play It Again, Russell." How well does Cliff REALLY know his parents?

  • Quotes

    • (The family unveils the painting of Russell and Anna to them. They are very moved by it.)
      Russell: (speechless) Son...
      Cliff: I hope you don't mind the way I express myself.
      Russell: No, I don't. (hugs Cliff)

    • Russell: I've been to Europe and I didn't care for it.
      Cliff: Yeah, but it was 1943 and you were running alongside of a tank.

    • Cliff: You know, the 22 years I've been married to you have been the happiest one-day-at-a-time of my life.

    • (Cliff and Clair are snuggling in bed. Cliff moves over closer to Clair.)
      Clair: Cliff, your feet are freezing!
      Cliff: That's why I brought them over there.
      Clair: Well, why don't you move your feet over to your side of the bed until they warm up.
      (Cliff pulls his feet away.)
      Cliff: Now they're cold and lonely.

    • Russell: Veal!!!

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