The Cosby Show

Season 4 Episode 22

Home for the Weekend

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

The family is very excited when Denise comes home for the weekend, and everyone looks forward to spending time with her. They are disappointed when she makes plans with her high school friends ahead of time and leaves after just a few minutes. She stays out so late that she sleeps for most of the next day while Cliff has to field dozens of phone messages. Denise does help Vanessa get ready for a dance, but upsets Theo by teasing him about his girlfriend. He claims that he cares about the girl for her mind, not just her looks. Denise apologizes for underestimating him. Denise wants to spend some time with the family, so she invites her friends over to the house to watch videos. She asks Cliff and Clair to join them, but her parents decline after the group turns on a concert film by an obnoxious comedian. The family gets back at Denise for ignoring them by pretending not to care when she prepares to return to Hillman. She realizes what they are doing and apologizes, and everyone hugs her goodbye.
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