The Cosby Show

Season 1 Episode 2

Mr. Fish (a.k.a. Goodbye, Mr. Fish)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 1984 on NBC

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  • Rudy's goldfish dies and the family gathers to pay their respects.

    Another great episode, Rudy’s goldfish dies and Cliff decides the family should pay their respects to the fish that’s gone by-bye.

    Cliff calls the family together and requests that everyone dress up for the ‘official fish funeral’.

    It’s a funny episode that gathers laughs while at the same time – warrants how sometimes life isn’t all that complicated to a child. Cliff thought he was doing the right parental thing with a funeral because Rudy was attached to her goldfish – but as with all wounds, time was all Rudy needed to overcome the brief bout of sorrow – not a fish funeral.
  • My review for Mr. Fish.

    This was one of the first episodes of the Cosby show I saw in 2002. In March of 2002 was when I started watching the show, it's my all time favorite T.V. show.

    Mr. Fish is one my favorites, I can sort of relate to Rudy's sadness, I suffered the loss of my 11 year old female Beagle mix for almost a year.

    But other then that I have to say this was a good episode.

    Very funny and enjoyable to watch.

    I plan to buy the Cosby show DVD sets when I have the chance.