The Cosby Show

Season 7 Episode 20

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 28, 1991 on NBC

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  • French Farce Galore ala Frasier

    This episode is mislabeled on my library DVD copy; the manufacturer switched it with Attack of the Killer Bs.

    Theo is thrilled to have the Huxtable residence all to himself so he can entertain his new girlfriend (from Theo's Final Final) with a romantic dinner for two. Everyone will be gone on ski trips or out for the evening. Hilarity ensues as the doorbell keeps ringing, everyone comes home early, Ellen's boyfriend shows up unexpectedly and Theo has to hide Ellen so they won't spoil the surprise she's planning for her boyfriend's future birthday. Lots of bedroom hopping, lies, and suspected infidelity but, not to worry folks, this is the Cosby Show, and in the end everything gets straightened out. Not a bad episode in which similar farce themes would be used on future 90's sitcoms like Frasier.
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